13 Images that define India

Discount Rides
A highly decorated Auto!
This Auto provides cold water, newspaper and a phone call free of charge.
10% discount for Senior Citizens.
Guest is God.
Call the numbers to get Auto at your doorstep.
This Auto driver had been felicitated by the Honourable Transport Minister!

Everyone is Wise here
Please do not impart your wisdom here! Everyone here is wise.

Horn Please
No horn? Here’s a solution!!

I want to Grow up to be a truck
I will be a truck when I get older…..

Indian Ingeniuty
No parking? Kidding right!

Look ma21 No wheels
Look ma.. No wheel ….

Terrible Cold Beer21
Carlsberg! Probably the best beer in the world.. Yeah right
From hindi: Bhayankar Thandi Beer (Can mean anything from Macabre to horrifying cold Beer)

The Customer is King in India
Are you a king?

The Indian Electric Chair
The Indian Electric Chair!!

The Shop of a Thief
The shop of a Thief (Alternatively – The shop where you learn to be a thief)

The Volvo
Lol!! Yeah… The Volvo  Indian Style

Vomit an pay 50 bucks
Vomit here and pay Rs. 50 as fine! The waiter will charge you extra!

Want to Know where you are
Wanna know where you are? Rs 5/- And want to reach your destination? Rs 10/-

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