New Research: KMC Mangalore Guys go for legs, not breasts!!


Turning years of common sense thinking on it’s head, new research has shed light on this amazing fact, that boys studying at KMC Mangalore actually prefer the legs rather than the breasts! This incredulous fact came to light when it was noticed that despite the increased hormonal activities during the recently conducted college festivities – including Resurrection X1 and Medusa’s Head, there were hardly any spikes in unnatural events, usually seen at the Boy’s hostel early in the morning!

Our colleagues reported that a snap poll conducted during the afore-mentioned events, highlighted the fact that the legs were more appealing rather than the breasts, when it comes to the appetite of KMC Mangalore students. One of the reasons given was the price for similar size of breast or leg!

Rubbishing this theory, one of the students – Mr. Ramesh Dhawan, presently between semesters due to some technical difficulties, on conditions of anonymity (Duh!) told our blogger that ” The breast is definitely more expensive than the legs, almost three times. Sure the price per pound of flesh may be 3x different (although here it is MAYBE 2x the price), but you have to remember that you are buying a lot of product that isn’t flesh actually, considering the bones involved! ” He went on to add, the actual reason is something else – ” I think the legs are even more tastier, but I think thats because it has a bit more fat. “

Legs and Breasts

Well whatever the reason, the KFC outlet at the City Center Mall is doing roaring business. An employee had this to say – “Chicken legs and thighs contain higher fat than breasts. Stick with breasts if you can. Either way, with the Manipal crowd pouring in on the weekends, we sure do brisk business and yeah!, a lot of moolah”


  1. Really enjoying the posts with a headline open to interpretation. Keep it up 🙂 (but dont let 100% of your articles be of this format)

  2. @Anonymous: Are you the first anonymous?? Anyways, Thanks for dropping by! And no, not all our articles/posts are in this format. Please go through the other articles to see what I mean 😛

  3. haha!! i am beginnin to LOVE faking news…bring on more Vishaal!!!
    also, twitterbird, wat was s/he chirping???

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