My Reflection

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It’s 3 am and the house is asleep.

Don’t know why (or maybe I do)

I’m still awake, useless;

Thinking about how I screwed up then

When life had supposedly begun,

Knowing it’s not mine to change.

It hurts to think my future could be this,



Uncertain,  I sit up and walk

Towards the mirror with the dim shine;

My face looks so new

Like a fresh sea wave, surging through tides.

I decide to untangle my hair,

Let it flow freely

My eyes gleam with a newer sparkle

Now I believe what they said about them being pretty!


And I do nothing but stare at this fresh face of mine, for as long as it’s ok

It’s the girl I can be until the night ends.

I try to look closer and find those blemishes

Those faults I spot so easily

When people are around.

Futile are my efforts; only this time, it actually makes me happy.

The small, thin face,

The shallow brows,

The dark circles,

The ugly skin,

They’re still there, but so different: & I just don’t see them.


Then it comes to me-

I guess I can stand here as long as I wish

It’s my own reflection that’s so great when I look at it, keeping those eyes at bay,

What it means to think I can live like this every day,

It’s the love I should give, not them,

‘Cause, it’s the love I need, and them.

I see the girl I’d surely fall in love with,

I see the girl they talk about as a myth

When I finally see, damn, what a beauty I am!

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Image source: Unsplash


About the Author: Naushin Nigar is a second-year student at Kasturba Medical College, MAHE.



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