The lover’s trail in Western Australia

Looking for a romantic getaway? Western Australia offers romance on the horizon, with its perfect dreamy sunsets that can be watched from the window of a cozy cottage. Picture yourself with a glass of wine in your hand relaxing on the sandy beach secluded and peaceful that can make any one fall in love.

If you want to spend a romantic day in Western Australia which has a perfect start and beautiful romantic ending, then you can choose from any one of the following delights:

Cruise on the famous swan river:

Swan river flows through the city of Perth, there are lots of tours operating for you to choose from. Swan Valley has a number of award-winning wineries, many of which are family owned and run, that offer superb alfresco and restaurant meals as well as cellar door tastings.

You can also visit Margaret River Chocolate Company in swan valley where you can enjoy a delicious selection of cakes, desserts, chocolate fondues, hot and cold drinks and the best hot chocolate in Western Australia.

Tranquility of the enchanting Broome:

The cable beach is most famous for its sun set, which is perfect for lovers; it is twenty two kilometers long. You can see the curve of earth along the horizon. There are sand crabs, tropical shells and coral to find while you take a stroll along the beach.

There is a Buddha sanctuary with a three meter high Buddha statue. You can go to the turtle bay to watch the turtles; it has most spectacular opal color of water. You can shop for their famous pearl, as a gift for your love ones. There also a unique experience of riding camels in the sunset at the cable beach.

Stairway to the moon is not to be missed by lovers, it is an unusual phenomenon which occurs only on full moon, when due to gravitation pull of moon the tides recede and an image of a stairway appears as a rippled pattern for kilometers towards full moon on the horizon.

There are plenty of things to do in Western Australia during your romantic holiday; best part of Western Australia is its secluded locations which provide perfect ambience for romance.

There are beautiful cottages, Bed & Breakfasts, Farm Stays, Self-Contained Cottages/Apartments, Eco Lodges and Heritage Properties which are available for accommodation in your romantic holiday.

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