The Math Of God

I am a logical person.

And anybody with even an inkling of respect for science, evidence based study and simplistic beauty of truth will agree that God does not exist.

But here comes my twist to the tale. Though I take pride in claiming to be an extremely logical and practical person  who only believes what she sees , I have a different take on the matter of God. For the few who feel that belief in God is about faith and trusting that there is something greater than who we are without having any real evidence; this article might seem too straightforward or maybe even absurd and to them I say: you may move on to the next opinion article! 🙂

Getting back to topic after the brief digression, there is only one way to settle this. Good old mathematics.

There is no evidence of a greater force or purpose in life:something or someone that determines whether there is a reason for everything  to happens or that possibly all we do is plain chance.


 So lets take two hypothesis.

  1. There exists a God.
  2. There is no such thing as God.

Fair enough. Now lets further assume two variables for each:

  1.  You believe in God.
  2. You don’t believe in God.

Now coming to the first hypothesis. If there is really a God and you do believe in him then everything you have done was destined, maybe even plain luck sometimes but in the end it all has a meaning. So that leaves you at a plus-plus situation. On the other hand if there is a God and you never believed, then your life though had a meaning, you weren’t ever able to see it. That’s a minus-plus.

Taking the second hypothesis-  there is no such thing as God. In this case if you believe in god, nothing you have ever done has any greater meaning at all and your life is truly whatever YOU make out of it. But here is the catch. Since you believe in a greater purpose, what you actually do is with the assumption that there is a greater purpose and that is what your life turns out to be (for those of you who are confused already, let me take an example: you lose your job but since you believe that everything has a reason you hope for and work towards a better opportunity and that is what you get since your life is actually whatever you make it ). What I basically mean is that it is a plus-plus situation. Finally if there is no God and you never did believe, then , well there isn’t much for me to explain here. Your life is what you made it ( a plus-plus again).


Considering all four situations, I have to choose. Should I believe or not?

If I do not believe I have a 50% chance of landing in a plus-plus situation.

If I do it rises to a 100% chance of landing in a plus-plus situation.

So my conclusion (as naïve as it may sound) is to believe, not out of faith but as a simple result of basic math. Now the only thing I have left to do, is find real faith- that doesn’t seem too hard to do! 😛

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