You know you’re a Mumbaiite when …

These are some take home messages from spending a year in Mumbai 🙂
1. You speak chaste hindi words like ‘ baju me’ and ‘bajaake dega’.
2. You yell at atleast one rickshawalla every week for tampering with the meter.
3. You consider ‘hanging at the door of the local train’ as exhilarating rather than dare-devilry.
4. You can have Vada Pav for lunch and Bhel puri for dinner, all in one day.
5. The only time you acknowledge your next-door neighbor is during Diwali and the Annual general meetings of the society.
6. You prefer cutting chai over Saradon to cure your headache.
7. You sweat all throughout the year, because of the humidity and the stress of meeting deadlines.
8. Every other place other than Mumbai seems to have a snail-paced life.
9. You manage to pack in 26 hours of work in a 24 hour day.
10. You can’t remember what greenery looks like. Even your kid draws concrete jungles when asked to do a landscape drawing.

11. Your favorite cartoon is the Jetsons. You are amazed by how they air-travel and are so jealous of them because that would totally solve all your traffic woes.

12. You suffer from nervous breakdowns on Sundays and public holidays. You are overwhelmed by the amount of free time that you are presented with.

13. The first word that your kid learns in school is ‘Pollution’.

14. You get all types of ‘traditional food’ in the restaurants here – the theplas in matunga are better than those in bhavnagar, the mysore sada from Udipi is better than that served in the temple town of Udupi and you can get chicken cooked in almost any style possible- Punjabi, Maharashtrian, Malayali and even Gujarati !

15. You know how to work your way through in a crowded place. You have had years of experience in pushing, pulling, fighting your way through the human maze.

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