‘Crush to Love’

Why don’t I sleep at night?

Why is it that we always fight?

All your charm that makes me blush,

Are you the one, people call a crush?


You’re simple, you’re intelligent,

I’m a fool and so negligent.

If I ask you to come with me,

Will you care to set me free?


I just wait for the night to come,

Our endless chats and sweetened fun.

I don’t know who you’re, what you do,

But I know this relation is just and true.


I wonder if I’d ever have you here,

But my heart knows you’ll always be there.

Happy would I be to get your heart,

And would cry if we went apart.


“Give me a hint”, I asked God,

“No” said he, ‘Oh my sweet Lord!’

“Figure out the twisty turmoils of your life”,

Ask this to yourself, my mind caused a strife.


“It’s difficult,  I can’t say”

“Then let him go and here you stay”

My heart sunk with the mind’s canoe,

Wouldn’t be able to say that ‘I love you!’


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