Mangalore’s Solutions to Your Every Famished Need – Part I

Hunger Pangs and No Place Coming to Mind? Here’s Apuesto’s Solution for you!

Mangalore has its fair share of restaurants, hangouts, lounges, dessert places and more. Having been here for 2 years now; and being a person who loves eating out every day, here’s a bunch of places you may want to go check out next time you get a case of the munchies.

Fine Dining – for Couples / Family / Friends

The Cellar
Along City centre road, opposite Bookmark. Amazing Chicken Jungli…a fine dish. Girls should NOT go there. Boyfriends and husbands take out and eat somewhere else. :p

                     KFC Kadri KFC_logo.svg

     Great ambience, the Colonel’s special recipe, good combo meals…it is a little costly but a good place overall.

Hotel Shivsagar

PURELY VEGETARIAN…but some of the best vegetarian dishes around. Little pricey though. It’s located along the road from Bunts Hostel heading to Kadri.


Danish Creek
     Really good spicy chicken tikka shawarmas. Located near Unity hospital. Good service too.


Great place, but a lot of rush, they may keep you waiting for a table…that says enough right? Near Jyothi circle..just look up and you’ll see the big sign.      


 Awesome hot n’ sour chicken soup. It’s located upstairs near Juice  Magic, along Falnir road. Ambience is great, because of rooftop  service…though I saw a rat there once. :O


Moti Mahal

Nice café and restaurant…not a first choicer though



Best Chicken Hyderabadi Biryani..but finishes early so go early. Near Wenlock hospital. Nice ambience and price too.

Hao Ming

Good Chinese food, hidden location in Balmatta opposite Diesel café. Muslims stay away though as they serve pork too.



Quite decent food; esp the mutton. And cost is bearable…go for lunch or dinner, suited well for both.

Pizza Hut

A real treat and the true Pizza experience; plus the variety and all is great. Service is awesome, but prices are quite high but then again the 99rs meal offer rocks!!

276401_155772034495885_7274441_n1Cherry Square

A nice place when you can’t decide for anywhere else, because of variety. Service tends to suck, and food is sometimes burnt. Near SCS hospital. 


In Ocean pearl. Great place if you got the money :p Costly, but good food. Milkshakes are quite nice too.

Sizzlers Ranch20100123sizzler31

The ambience is great, steaks depend on order. I love the Chicken lamb cheese steak. Little costly. It’s near Citibank, inside road, Lalbagh.

 Sagar Ratna

PURELY VEGETARIAN. The aloo paratha are great, and the other dishes too. Located in Ocean pearl.

Mainland China

394469_416128388452011_1044013795_aIn Kankanady area..Costly, but you don’t get better Chinese. A once in a while place…

Chicken Tikka Halal (Juice Magic)

Good overall, along Falnir road

41e813d6d40bd2e1137ce2f169be240a_090730033951_sMangala Bar n Restaurant

Best Chicken Ghee roast i have ever had. It’s along the way to Kankanady, though it has got a branch in City centre food court called ‘Just Mangalore’.

Kadal – Nalapad  Residency

Romantic set up and lighting, good food, not too costly, recommended for couples.



Behind Kadri Park, Really good seafood, really expensive prices though. The ambience and view is beautiful though!

 Garlic – Hotel Veenu

The food is average; the khichdi is nice; the service is really slow.

Aroma and Royal Kitchen – In Deepa Comforts

Don’t have the thalis, order the normal dishes. Good and averagely priced.

Chutney – Deepa comforts

 PURELY VEGETARIAN – decent food, ambience and cost.

Empire Mall Amazon

Good ambience, average food…


  Madhuvan’s -The Village

  Great ambience, little costly, a once in a while place. Outdoor delight! 


Chicken Tikka Halal

 In Saibeen Complex. Great place overall…but delivery takes a long time. The Grilled Chicken and Butter Chicken are my favs.  

Kabab Studio

 In Goldfinch – Expensive, but worth it if you got the appetite; similar to Bangalore’s Barbeque Nation restaurantrestaurant_header03



Diners Paradise

Along the road from Bunts Hostel heading to Kadri, it’s got good biryani and is quiet n remote.

So, next time you want to take out that special one, or want to go for a delicious meal with family or friends, you know where to go. So, go out there and fill those growling tummies and be on the lookout for our next article coming up on places you may want to go for a decent meal while those pockets aren’t as heavy!

Feel free to contact me on [email protected] or [email protected] for more info and detailed descriptions on any of the places above.

Bon Appetite! 🙂

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