Top Tips when traveling for school trips

Traveling with children is not the same as traveling with adults. Children tend to be more curious and can easily get lost. You also need to keep the trip as exciting as possible because children often get bored quickly.

It gets harder when you are thinking of traveling with kids abroad. It is burdensome enough for adults and for kids it can be a nightmare if you have not adequately prepared.

Prepare Kid for the trip

You need to first inform the kids on what the trip entails. Give them an update what they will be doing every day. Make it like a lesson as they tend to take it more seriously. Simulate the trip with them – show them how to behave in the airport or when traveling on a bus. Do not be frustrated when they immediately forget what you have just said. Go over the plan again. Role-playing is a great way for kids to learn things. When traveling to Brazil ensure that you have your Brazil e visa. 

Record memoriesrecording memories

Kids will feel like part of the team if you take pictures and involve them in the process. Children can be encouraged to buy small, inexpensive cameras that they can use to take photos.

Carry puzzles

Children tend to get bored easily,and when they become restless, they can be irritating. To keep them occupied carry for them puzzles and coloring books. These games are ideal for passing the time when you are in a restaurant or bus.

Put them in charge of maps

Another great way for kids to learn where they are going is to make them in charge of maps. You can ask them to pinpoint where they are going. This is also another way to educate children concerning a place. You can try both physical maps and Google maps. Tour books are also an excellent companion because they tell more about the culture of a city. 

For the first trip travel by busbus

If this is the first time to organize a school trip try traveling by bus for the first trip. A bus is more comfortable to control because there is little movement. You also do not interfere with other passengers. You have the flexibility to leave and stop at your convenience – which is good if you have little kids who need to visit the washroom and service stores frequently. When traveling choose a group of children that you are comfortable with. You can start with 50 and as you get familiar with children travel increase the size or consider other travel options like planes.


Remember to carry some snacks when going on a school trip. Children need something to occupy them, and snacks offer this distraction. However, avoid sugary things because it can cause children to be hyperactive. Carry fruits instead and nuts. 

Do not let the trip take too long

While spending the night traveling can be exciting young children often become homesick when the trip becomes too long. An overnight stay can also be a nightmare when it comes to logistics. You will have to carry extra clothes for them and figure out where they will spend the night. You also do not want all that responsibility been heaped on should something go wrong. Find short trips that take one or two hours with a snack before children head home. Keep an eye on the kids when going to the museum. Encourage them to hold each other’s hands when traveling.

Souvenirs souvenirs

To make the trip more memorable have the kids carry some small amounts of money to buy for themselves souvenirs. It is through items that children learn the value of money. You can find local markets where things may be cheaper. Some gifts they can buy for themselves include bracelets, animal carvings or engraved mugs. 

Understanding their moments

When children are bored, then you need to give them some form of entertainment but when they look tired travel slowing and provide them with an opportunity to sleep. Avoid traveling for long when it is hot as this only makes them tired. Understanding children moods will help you respond appropriately.

Do not over packover packing

While you may have genuine concerns for you kid avoid over packing.This will only increase the luggage and make them slow. Kids also tend to lose their stuff more often. Pack depending on the number of days and for the weather.

Brand them

If you are afraid of losing kids during a road trip brand them. Have them wear t-shirts with their names branded. This can be an easy way to track lost kids in an amusement park as attendants can easily know which kid you are looking for based on their t-shirt.

School policy

Every school has some form of travel policy that you need to be familiar with if you are traveling with school kids. It is also important to have phone numbers of parents should anything happen to their kids. Ensure that kids on medications have clearance from their parents to travel. If it is okay to ensure that they have carried their medications.

School calendar

When planning for a school trip, you need to plan it using the school calendar. Mostly school trips are planned at the end of the school calendar when there no exams. You can also try out holidays, but the sites can also be congested with other kids. After agreeing on the day make a visit to the travel destination and get as much information as you possibly can. Book a bus and travel sites in advance. You can even make a down payment so that you are protected when there are rate hikes.


Traveling with kids is not as simple as with adults. Kids can get lost,and this can land you in trouble with the parents and guardians. If you plan on traveling book in advance and take the kids through safety procedures. Involve the kids in the planning so that they can personalize the trip. Do not forget to carry snacks, puzzles and coloring books to keep the kids busy.

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