Vacation and Travel to California

As you travel around California, you’ll be struck by the state’s astounding cultural diversity and sense of prosperity. You will also be struck by its natural beauty; towering forests and incredible mountains are just hours away from beautiful beaches and deserts.

Explore California by Regions

Central Coast

A tranquil expanse between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the romantics and fairy tale-like Central Coast is often called California’s Middle Kingdom. Dramatic seascapes, coastal resorts, and pastoral inland agricultural communities, make this region an idyllic destination.

Central Valley

California’s agricultural bounty flows from the Central Valley, one of the most productive farming areas in the world. This thriving region includes a wealth of culturally diverse communities, historic sites, exceptional outdoor recreational opportunities and plentiful wildlife.


California’s deserts are a study in contrasts: Mountain ranges composed of nothing but bare, jagged rock rise abruptly out of flat, sun bathed basins, the land sparsely covered by creosote and bizarrely twisted Joshua trees.

Gold Country

Cradled between the High Sierra and the Central Valley, this territory offers remnants of 1849’s wild days and one of the biggest gold rushes of all time. With rustic towns, picturesque scenery, ample recreational and cultural activities, this region is filled with golden opportunities.

High Sierra

The magnificent Sierra Nevada mountain range serves as the backbone to the spectacular High Sierra region – the setting for a wealth of outdoor recreation. This monumental region contains three of the nation’s most treasured National Parks and truly embodies the American wilderness.

inland Empire

Larger than Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Delaware combined, the Inland Empire encompassing the mountain ranges to the north and sunny farmlands, orchards, and vineyards along the lush Santa Ana River Valley is truly an empire.

Los Angeles County

Ever since filming in Los Angeles in 1913, the world has been fascinated by movie making  and Hollywood’s great dream factories. Where else can you go snow boarding in the morning and catch a wave in the afternoon, or hike deep into the wilderness just off a busy freeway?

North Coast

This spectacular region stretches over some 400 miles of rugged coastline from north of San Francisco to the primeval redwood forests below the Oregon border. This region reaches 40 miles inland to lush vineyards, pastoral farms and quaint villages filled with antique shops.

Orange County

Legend has it that Walt Disney looked all over Southern California before deciding on 75 acres of orange trees in Anaheim for the site of his first amusement park. Residents and visitors are also drawn to the county’s 42 miles of beaches and vast tracts of green space.

San Diego County

With its rich Hispanic heritage, temperate climate, deep-sea harbors, sandy beaches and a variety of fun-filled attractions, San Diego County maintains its reputation as a world-famous destination.

San Fransisco Bay Area

Blessed with a variable fog-cooked, sun-kissed climate and a dramatic landscape, the Bay Area is a visual feast. Add to this a cultural medley: within every neighborhood, a diversity of tastes and interests is thriving. To embrace all this, all you have to do is get out and explore.

Shasta Cascade

Big physically as well as in spirit, the Shasta Cascade region is the great outdoors at its vigorous best. It is a land of dense conifer forests, volcanic landscapes, and few people. The area’s dominating feature, the snowy volcano Mt. Shasta is one of North America’s biggest mountains.

For those looking to explore more about the vibrant culture and lifestyle of California, visiting provides a treasure trove of insights and tips, making your travel experience even more enriching.

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