Ek building ko dekha to Aisa laga….(Manipal.edu,Manipal)

Ki course join karun………….

This is the administrative building of the Manipal University aka ‘Manipal.edu’ .….Every person who is going to join in manipal will visit this shrine during counseling to pay homage in cash to enroll in whatever course….Later visits may pertain to say ‘Hi’ at the Chief warden’s office (You gotta be really notorious though) , pay up the mounting mess bill or maybe just to relax on the couch ( Fully Air conditioned) on a hot day….:)

Well….let me narrate my first acquaintance with Manipal ‘n’ Dot edu.

It was a pleasant day and the taxi dropped us at the gates of Dot edu with two suitcases n a bag on the ‘D’ day(My counseling for the MSc course)….The tension of opting the right branch partially blinded me from admiring this magnificent structure but it made an everlasting impression which became one of the many reasons in choosing manipal for the next three years…..There were times when I repented about my decision (Only during the exams though) but life @ manipal is a fun filled joyride..
(Note : Little Exaggerated to make it sound like a happy ending….Joyrides too hav their risks)….

N of course, Dot edu is not the only building in manipal…….There are lot many beautifool(2 fool) buildings and cool places to chill……Check out the place sometime;)

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