How to Improve Your Grammar

Grammar invokes passion. When you try to write essays for college, it becomes necessary for you to pay attention to your grammar or vocabulary irrespective of whether you are a native speaker or a non-native speaker. Finding a sentence problem, avoiding passive voice, and sticking to the use of great words are some of the basic things you might have to do while writing an essay. People who are prone to making a lot of grammar mistakes end up getting criticized by individuals in their circle. If you want to improve your grammar or have any intention of scoring well in the class, then you will have to bear in mind the following points.

Learn Basics

First of all, you should skip the idea of getting an essay writing service and must learn the basics. For this purpose, you need to familiarize yourself with the parts of speech. Nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, verbs, prepositions and interjections are what you have to learn about. You should not use passive voice while writing a sentence. It is a common observation that students use a lot of passive voice sentences in their essays, which bring them in trouble as the teacher dislikes the idea of using these types of sentences. Some articles can be used to define and modify certain nouns. You should not write too many sentences or confusing words in the same paragraph and try to write personal opinion essays in first-person. If the essay does not require personal opinion, then you should write in the third person and take care of the use of singular and plural.


How to use proper grammar? It’s safe to say that practice makes a person perfect at everything. If you want to improve your grammar or vocabulary, then the ideal option is to do practice daily. The inappropriate use of spellings, sentences, phrases, or words should be avoided, and you should know the difference between two words whose sounds are the same. For example, ‘then’ and ‘than’ are used differently and have different meanings, but their sounds are the same.
Similarly, ‘bear’ and ‘bare’ have distinctive meanings. The difference between such words can be known only when you practice and write sentences. If you are a parent who wants to help the child improve grammar, then bring them flash cards on which common words along with their sentences are written so that they can understand English and can continue practicing it without any major issue. The more you practice, the better are your chances of enhancing the vocabulary or grammar.

Avoid common mistakes

What is proper grammar? You cannot learn basic grammar if you are unable to avoid common mistakes. It is important to pay attention to how English speakers talk, write, and read. For this purpose, you can make a native friend and can listen to the way they speak daily. In the meantime, you can learn from them how to construct sentences without compromising on quality, how to say the phrases, how to improve the grammar, and how to proofread and edit the written materials. Those who are good at writing would like to guide you throughout the process. In the meantime, you should bear in mind that some native speakers also have no grasp of proper grammar; so if you come across such a person, then you do not need to seek their help regarding how to learn grammar and vocabulary. You should learn the difference between two or more confusing words, as English has lots of words that look and sound the same but have their own meanings and are used in varying sentences.

How to find reliable resources

Are you improving your grammar? One of the major things you need to do is to find reliable sources. The first place to look for such sources is the internet. You can find various articles, tips, blog posts, e-books, and other helpful materials to improve your grammar. While doing an online search, it is essential for you to find only authentic web pages to download materials. There are thousands of such places, but not all of them are good to go with. Another option is to seek the help of your teacher or seniors and request them to suggest some books on English language or grammar. Online libraries are present where lessons, quizzes, and exercises are present, offering information about syntax, common errors, and spellings. Purdue OWL is another useful resource where you can find plenty of style guides, recommendations, and lessons. Try to read as many of them daily as possible and continue practicing until your grammar is fully improved and you become good at writing on almost every topic or subject.

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