High Scorers Victimized: A true story.

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The internet in my room was dead one unfortunate afternoon; the same evening, we had our Arduino workshop. Bored as I anyways was, I dragged myself to the library to splurge my free time on the World Wide Web. Just as I was leaving the library, three hours later with a friend, we met a classmate in another library cubicle.
On asking what he was doing, we realized he was studying. Because it was just two weeks since the second semester started and whatever was taught in class was negligible and the same as the portion of the first six months of the eleventh grade, I asked him about the same out of curiosity.
Strangely enough, I received a reply, ‘Oye! You *beep* *beep*…! We know what you are doing here right now. You have no right to talk about studying; we know you study for hours every day, you nerd!’. Whoa!
This is the problem with people who get too jealous. And this is what we apparently ‘superior’ people face and undoubtedly hate. We are victims of immaturity and jealousy. Well, some of us may get into physical combat, and some of us may just ignore the perpetrator of the statement, but people like me do love to make the wrath felt on a significant level. Yes, we spill our views on the internet.

Getting back the the guy in the library, for one thing he does not know what nerd means. I wouldn’t want to make anything up. Here’s the first result on dictionary.reference.com,

a stupid, irritating, ineffectual, or unattractive person.

And in contexts usually used, it actually means ‘A person who studies but does not get marks’. Hypocrite, I must say as this particular individual used to slog his day at the library and still got no more than many in our class. See my point?

Another instance of this juvenile mockery is when somebody sees me at night with a bag on, they usually think that I was in the library. To be frank, I would either have gone to meet my maternal grandmother in Udupi, to a friend’s room in a different hostel block or just to a meeting after our class hours and just did not get sufficient time to come back. Okay, these excuses seem reasonably valid and they most certainly are but people still do not believe. When they do not know me very well personally, how dare they be so ridiculously judgmental? For example, there is another idiot who keeps calling me ‘topprrrr’ in this insanely used SMS-lingo every time we meet online. And every time we both were online during the vacations, he used to start every conversation with ‘kya be topprrrr, second sem ki padhayi ho gayi?’ (Wassup, ‘topprrrr’, completed studying the Second Sem portion?). I happily ignored. Bugger.

More than usually, people keep calling me the stupidest of doubts. And here, more than usual means at the randomest of hours. There is this guy who turns up in my room every other day and asks me to explain what happened in class. And this is when he was present physically in the all the classes that day and he was sitting on the first bench. I do not know how people even get such dependent into engineering. Kick them off into some turdy college where almost everybody goes to tuition classes. Argh.

It gets crazier when I tell people that I was playing some game or out with friends. They usually go, ‘Don’t lie! I know you were studying’. Or when somebody asks me to give them my copy of the home assignment and I tell them I haven’t done it, the usual reply is, ‘bloody liar, I know you have done it’. Strange.

Well, in all these instances I just have a few words to all the people I have indirectly pointed out in the above paragraphs. And no I am not apologizing, you deserve those harsh words. I’ve just got to say is,

I’ve got 9.60 as my GPA and I am going to maintain it this semester. And you just cannot do anything about it. Screw you, I am awesome.

Signing off,

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