My Explanation for Iron Phase Diagram. LOL!

casting iron05
“Explanation for the Iron-Iron Carbide diagram:
During cooling, pure iron solidifies at 1538 C.”
Hey, when was the last time i ironed my clothes?!! Oh shit, i got to put my clothes to wash. They are stinking man. Hmm…
“As percentage of carbon increases in the alloy, the temperature of the beginning of…”
Waiting for the end to come,
Wishing i had strength to stand,
This is not what i had planned.
It’s out of my control…
Oh God. I’m a music addict. Shit. I HAVE TO STUDY.
“…of solidification process also decreases till 4.3% carbon.”
It’s 10% luck, 15% skill
20% concentrated power of will,
5% pleasure, 50% pain,
A 100 % reason to remember the name.

“Line PN indicates the completion of delta to gamma solid solution for alloys with less than 0.18% carbon.”
OH REALLY??? Like I care!!!!
“Line PN indicates…”
What man? Manipal bus drivers don’t use indicators at all! Idiots. Huh.
“ gamma + Fe3C eutectic mixture is known as Ledeburite.”
Ladybird??? Arre, when will i go to the lake man? Maybe i should try sketching ladybirds or something. Hmm.. But for now..STUDY.
“The right side of this composition is the hyper eutectic alloy..”
Abe yeh kitna hyper hote hain?? Kya bakwaas hai?
“The point at which line PM stops is..”
You know i know how
To make them stop and stare as i zone out..
The club can’t even handle me right now!!!
Oh God. Chuck MSM. Let’s dance!!!
Messaging Rohan—> Do you realize i know nothing in this subject???
Oh man…………………
“The process of Fe3C decomposing into more stable phases of iron and carbon takes many years.”
Message from Rohan—> Yeah. And we are screwed happily ever after.


  1. @medha:Is it me or were u a lil high when you were stdying?Also, feel sad for you people stdying. 8th sem-> no stdying-> awesomeness.Awesome post. Keep writing. 🙂

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