Way to MCOPS

‘Way’ literally means pathway to MCOPS that is Manipal college of pharmaceutical science and not the way of studying for cracking the entrance as some of interested candidates might interpret!!MCOPS people have organized a conference on clinical trials in next week.As clinical trials are also our area of concern I went there to get belonging to the group of participants.

However, thanks to the extreme laziness of mine and my colleagues’ , that was the last day as well as last hour for entry .To strengthen my previous line , I would like to add that that was the last day of the extended period of the registration that is already 10 days later to initial final date!!I should get a prize for it.Don’t you think so?Well, I got one i n the form of two words.’No vacancy’ for conference. Anyway I got some nice clicks on the walkway from library to MCOPS.enjoy…

DSC00041 1
DSC00042 1
DSC00040 1

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