5 Best Places to Spend Christmas Around the World

This article explores 5 different places in the world where you can have a unique Christmas experience.

Christmas is the most popular festivals around the world and is celebrated with its own set of rituals and customs in every region. It’s an exciting time for everyone with Santa Claus, Christmas Gifts, and delicious food and of course celebrating with friends and family. For the traveler, Christmas is an occasion to explore and discover these very customs. Are you wondering where you should go? We’re here to help. This article explores 5 different places in the world where you can have a unique Christmas experience. So pack your bags and explore the 5 best places to celebrate Christmas around the world!


Daylight is overrated and you will not be getting much of daylight in Iceland. You will be getting the Northern Lights. This is one of the most beautiful places. You will come across the friendliest people on the planet. They go out during the Christmas lights, as well. One of the important aspects of Christmas holiday is enjoying the winter. Even though it is not one of the snowiest places, it is simply the best. Iceland also has 13 Santas. They used to be trolls and terrified children. They are friendly and is far from the usual Santa Claus tradition.


If you want Santa in excess for this Christmas, you can visit the Santa Claus Village of Finland. The jolly old man in the red suit is the most popular resident around this part. The reindeer dotted forest and the deep wintertime snow goes a long way in setting the touristy atmosphere. There is also an amusement park which is known as the Santa Park. This is not much far away from the village.

New York City

Thanks to the countless movies, you already know what Christmas in New York looks like. There are Christmas lights, a light dusting of snow, and cheesy Muzak. At Rockefeller Center, you will find the tallest Christmas tree in the world. This is lit up in early December. Since you will be visiting during the winter time, ice-skating is a must. You should not miss out on the window displays in the largest departmental store of New York.

Bondi Beach

Hit the beach and talk turkey with the fellow travelers. Bondi is all about sun and sand. This will replace the fairy tales and snow. The beach serves as a magnet for backpackers who are long away from home. Djs and Bands rock the Pavilion and everyone tend to check out everyone else. The festive atmosphere prevails.


Christmas celebration in Tokyo is pretty unique. This is a fairy-lit lit and a religion-free sight to behold. In Japan, people tend to prefer celebrating New Year more than Christmas. However, this is what happens when non-Christmas celebrate the festivity of Christmas. The streets are filled with lights. Moreover, the day itself is a fizzer since it is not a holiday. Christmas day is a big deal and it resembles Valentine’s Day. The feasting is done in Japanese style. Its items include fried chicken and a sponge cake topped with strawberries and ice-cream.

However, wherever you plan to go, you need to make the bookings for the hotels and flights early on. This is because Christmas is a rush hour and if you are late, you might not get the hotel that you like.

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