Heavy Earth Moving Equipments

  • Modern mechanized earth-moving really started when the crawler tractor was adopted from its agricultural antecedent.
  • To meet the growing demand of minerals particularly coal, the earth-moving equipment was first introduced in 1940’s in open-cast coalmines in our country.
  • The equipment of various sizes used for various projects were imported from various countries.
  • With the application of heavy earth-moving equipment (H.E.M.), production of coal has increased. from 25 million tonnes to 125 million tonnes, of iron ore from 3 million tonnes to 45 million tonne, similarly Hydel power has also increased manifolds in last 30 years.
  • All these activities involve movement of rock, earth, and minerals in such a huge quantities that these works of irrigation and Gold Coast earthmoving companies can help you do these.

Types of earth moving equipment

Production Equipment: Equipment used for digging, moving the material to the site of construction (may be dam, irrigation project, road project, mining project or building construction project) or to the crushing plant like JLG Skytrak. Spare parts like a bobcat engine speed sensor are also available online to ensure the machinery is working at its optimum level.

Service Equipment. These are for the help of main production equipment to achieve optimum capacity. For small works dozers can be used us productive equipment. Motor Grader is used as production equipment in road construction projects, while it is used as service equipment for keeping proper gradient of service road for dams, mines, and quarries.


  • Tractors are machines that change the energy of the engine into traction energy.
  • The tractors are primarily used to pull or push loads, but they are also used for mounting many types of accessories like bulldozer blades, rippers, front-end shovels, hoes, drag-lines, clam-shells, trenchers, winches, side booms, front-end bucket loaders, pipe layers, etc.
  • As mentioned above the tractor is basic equipment and available in two types;
    • crawler or track type,
    • Rubber tired or wheel-type.
  • A tractor is a multi-purpose machine, light models of which are used for agricultural or short haulage works, whereas heavy models are employed for earth moving works, cranes, shovels or special rigs.
  • Wheeled units are employed for light but speedy jobs, whereas crawler units are rugged machines and are used for heavy-duty works, where more traction power is required.

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