Gift for the Maiden

Image Source: Design Your Way

Clean as a child’s conscience
Fresh as the first drop of rain
He stepped out of his comfort
Rainbows bidding adieu
With the slight hint of pain

Gift for a Maiden Girl with Dark Rose Gothic
There is no bottom in the Devil’s ocean You learn to appreciate the dark

A confident novice
With great ideals and a noble goal
He came in a foreign land
Dazzled by the glamour
Nature so beautiful that touched his soul

Realization, angst and fear
A feeling never felt before
The vibes of nightmares
Emitted by sadists with no hope
Beginning of the new lore

He found a new friend
A friend that everyone dreads
The last mate of every failure
Knitted with gloom in dark threads

Gazing at the walls
Gazing at the sky
Gazing at the dry humans
Gazing at the mirror
One day he jumped and then died

He jumped into his own darkness
Enjoyed with each and every hell mate
Far away from the truth
Made himself a paradise in hell
Blaming it all on fate

There is no bottom in the Devil’s ocean
You learn to appreciate the dark
Any pure feeling is a sin
In the paradise inside the bin
Wandering pointlessly in your ark

The maiden pulls him out of the dark
With ropes made of hope
Trying to save the last bit of his soul
He opens his eyes
Sees nothing but her, trying to cope

A break from hell
Relishing every moment with the maiden
Rejoicing the illusion
The cards falling again
As he saw himself as Aden

The old friend visits again
But this time he is sane
The Devil tries his best, but in vain
His mind is blank, clear and plain
Finally it is he himself who reigns

How did it happen, ever wonder why?
There was no soul to scatter
The food of Devil was long gone
In his illusion of Aden
He had gifted the last bits to the maiden

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