Yachting, Fishing, Kayaking, & More in the Oceans of Miami

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There are many ways to enjoy Miami on the water. It is a city that’s defined by water as much as it is by land. Miami is also the home of two of the biggest ecosystem parks that largely depend on water. You have Biscayne National Park which is the largest marine park in the national system, and you have Everglades National Park which is made up of 1.5 million acres of subtropical wetlands.

There are many opportunities to visit the water, take advantage of the sunny weather, and enjoy the natural beauty.

Beaches and The Bay

The Atlantic Ocean offers many beaches and beautiful shorelines across the east coast of Florida. You can head over to South Beach and enjoy restaurants and bars along Ocean Drive or if you want somewhere quieter and chill you can head over to the tip of Key Biscayne at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park and Beach. There is so much beauty to see regardless of where you go with waves hitting against the sand, and the bright sun shining through the palm trees.

If you love outdoor sports there is also Oleta River State Park located in Sunny Isles which offers kayaks, paddleboards, etc. Miami has it all from 5-star luxury seaside resorts to simple nature preserves. You can also see city views from South Beach to Downtown Biscayne Bay. Also, there is the city of Coconut Grove that offers parks, museums, and marinas which are all found along the coast.

Boats and Yachts

If you want to get away from the noise of the city and take advantage of the coastline scenery, boat rentals are always an option, and believe it or not they are actually affordable. A yacht charter can offer the same amenities you’d expect at a high-end beach resort. You can be spending less money by renting river jet boats or yachts instead of spending a full day at a luxurious resort.

Food, drinks, and activities are mostly always included in the rate you are given for charters. The nice thing about renting a yacht, like one from this yacht rental Miami company, is that you have the luxury of privacy.

If you are in a resort by the pool, you are sharing that same space with everyone else that’s there. Yachts for sale offer so much space for you, your family, and friends, and let you enjoy the peacefulness of the sea. You can lie back, have no worries because your captain will take you to different destinations including beaches you might’ve never been able to visit.

If you do have a boat in Australia, whether you have a small boat maintenance job or one of those ongoing boat projects you can visit website here.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Who loves outdoor activities? Miami is the perfect place for kayaking, canoeing, and standup paddleboarding because it offers waterways that are calm all year round. There are many options of places to visit such as Oleta River State Park, Homestead, Coconut Grove, and Key Biscayne, and don’t worry because if you don’t have the equipment, https://www.campvec.org/3-person-kayak/ has everything there that you can rent.

Virginia Key Outdoor Center located in Key Biscayne offers rentals and guided outings such as sunrise, sunset, and full moon kayak and paddleboard tours.

If there is anyone with disabilities and can’t get enough of the water, there is also a place called Shake-A-Leg which has been designed to accommodate special needs. Other places that offer sunset tours are Eco Adventures, Matheson Hammock Park, and South Beach Kayak.

Diving and Snorkeling

Miami offers a wide variety of opportunities for snorkeling and diving from both natural and artificial reefs. The waters of Miami are connected to one of the largest barrier reefs in the world called the Florida Straits. If you want to get a SCUBA certification, places like Tarpoon Lagoon, Grove Scuba, and Diver’s paradise offer courses and can set up trips depending on whether you want to snorkel or dive.

For beginners interested in snorkeling or diving we recommend visiting Emerald Reef and Long Reef which are natural reefs and have a depth of between 15-30 feet. For the ones that are intermediate, there is a Neptune Memorial Reef and The Jose Cuervo which are manmade reefs which has an average depth of 35 feet.

Now the advanced ones who love diving with greater depths, there is Sheri-Lyn which is a 235-foot long steel passenger freight that was sunk, DEMA Trader which is a 165-foot long freighter that sunk around 3 miles off Key Biscayne, and Almirante which is a 200-foot long steel freighter that also sunk that you can dive down and see.


miami fishingWhat better place to plan a fishing trip than Miami? From Biscayne Bay to the Florida Keys and Bahamas, fishing with the best fishing shoes along the Atlantic’s Gulf Stream it makes for a superb place to go fishing with your friends and family. A few fishing guides to consider are Mack’s Fish Camp, Miss Britt Charters, and Bouncer’s Dusky that can meet your needs.

Reward Fleet and Kelley Fleet are places that offer party boat charters that offer instructions and are lower in cost if you don’t mind going with a group of people. Another option is to fish from the piers that Miami has such as South Pointe Park Pier, Newport Fishing Pier in Sunny Isles Beach, and Oleta River State Park.

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