How to spend the weekend in the Ore mountains?

ore mountain sunrise
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The Ore Mountains or Erzgebirge in German is a mountain range on the German-Czech border. For many centuries, it served as a natural boundary between Bohemia in the Czech Republic and German Saxony. However, the area is widely known as a center of mining and carving. So, it’s here where you can admire the fabulous heritage in the form of wooden figures and Christmas decorations. Stunning highland, ideal for outdoor activities, and medieval architecture with an enchanting flair are the main prerequisites for your unforgettable weekend. “Glück auf!” (German miners´ greeting) and enjoy your trip!

Visit Annaberg-Buchholz

This town is a real tourist magnet in each season: in summer it tempts visitors with the largest fair of the region, the Annaberger Kät (June), whereas in December, one of the most magnificent Christmas markets in Germany, the Grand Mountain Parade, takes place. The unique feature of this celebration is the world’s largest miners’ parade (Bergparade) that is an affecting spectacle indeed. Another landmark of the town is the Factory of Dreams (Manufaktur der Träume) namely the experience museum where visitors can get acquainted with the local carving tradition and admire the outstanding collection of folk art exhibits.

Conquer the Fichtelberg Mountain

The highest peak of the Ore mountains, Fichtelberg, is the hotspot for both hiking enthusiasts and skiers. The ski resort with an altitude of 1,250 meters is a perfect destination to learn the ropes of snowboarding, mountain biking, bob-sleighing, etc. Read more about holiday tips, hotel options, and top sights in the Ore mountains.

Ramble through Seiffenore mountains seiffen

The ones who want to plunge into the charming Christmas atmosphere should certainly head to Seiffen – a cozy town nestled in the middle of the Ore mountains. It is regarded as the center of producing such Christmas decorations as “smoking men”, Christmas pyramids, Nutcrackers, and Schwibbögen. Here, you can trace the history of wooden toy making by visiting the toy museum and factory.

Explore the medieval Scharfenstein Castle

The charming Scharfenstein Castle dates back to 1250 and is considered as one of the oldest Saxon residences. As the locals engage in curving for many centuries, the visitors can track their legacy represented in the Christmas and Toy Museum. For the little ones, such activities as ghost walks, fairytale days, treasure hunts as well as the Christmas market Scharfenstein Advent Magic will be a great amusement. The tours to the castle can also bring a vast amount of positive emotions since the role of the guide fills an extraordinary figure of the region – the local Robin Hood Karl Stülpner.

Come to see the silver town of Freibergore mountains freiberg

The center of silver mining, the town of Freiberg boasts of its particular trademark – the Freudenstein Castle. Initially, it was erected in 1168 to protect the mines but today it depicts the broad history of the region. The castle houses the largest private collection of minerals in the framework of the exhibition “terra minerala”. Besides, it’s a venue for “Freiberger Sommernächte”, namely a wide range of cultural events that are held in the period from June to September on the courtyard.

The architectural heritage of Freiberg is also impressive. Such sights as the Oldtown, the upper market square with the Townhall, the late-gothic cathedral of St. Mary embellish the townscape.

Don’t miss the chance to become a character of a medieval tale in the middle of the fascinating Ore mountains!

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