Eyes that Lie – Sugandha Bhandari

I feel let down by your eyes
I feel consumed by your lies
I feel you have broken my soul
Like a plastic toy without its spring
I am a mynah that can no longer sing

Why did you feel I could change you?
When you knew you could never change yourself
Why did you want to give this more time?
When you just weren’t sure of yourself?

How could this have continued …??When you eschewed my love every living moment

When day light wanted to seep inside you
You took to the cover of the night
Today when I look inside you
I see an ugly sight
Bereft of human emotions
Your heart has turned to stone
I bleed sorrow, when I remember the days gone…

Never again will I willingly… Let some one inside my soul
For that someone is the devils child… That has consumed me whole.

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