Being A Doctor

Sitting in my hostel, I wonder….


those days of my childhood, I remember…

The afternoon sun and the month of december…

The playful sun, and our sports teacher..

“What do you want to become in your FUTURE??

Was the question, I still remember…

Some said pilot,some soilder,some even a plumber..!

“I want to be a DOCTOR…”

Sudden, was my answer…

Why not any thing else,why only a Doctor..”??

“I love that white coat”, Yes! It was my answer!

Today,when i see my apron, I wonder..

Yes, I still love my apron, but only the thoughts, they differ…

Today,how I fell, Icant tell you brother..!!

My legs shake, my hands they quiver!

No!!! I am not scared ! Its just the joy , I can’t bear…

For getting something you love,is ecstasic,as ever..

That too, being at Manipal, makes me feel bigger…

From here I see my future..

From a stupid school boy, to an able doctor,..

Its a journey, I will , always remember…


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