The silent moon


A ridiculously large moon

Hanging over the trees

In the wild open sky but without the stars

Why, oh why did the stars leave?

Did they fell on earth with the rains?

Did they fly on the wings of the wind?

Or did the moon eat them up?

I asked the moon to open up

But perhaps the insides of the moon

Are as dark as the sky outside

Alas! I will never know

For the moon is a silent thing

A zillion days it has seen

All men, women and children that ever were

Perhaps he has had enough and wants no more

Perhaps he grieves a favourite star

Perhaps he is tensed about the coming sun

Perhaps he is in deep thought about nothing at all

Alas! I will never know

For the moon is a silent thing

And he never talks, not to me

I stare all night long…

Weeks, months and years weave around it

And the moon grows larger every day

And hides dark secrets on the other side

And the stars drifted away

Because the moon is a silent thing..


About the poet: Prithu Raj, a 3rd year MBBS student at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore.

Editor: Ankita Singh

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