The Experimentations continue!

Pictures of the experiments on the frog rectus. No more gory pictures. Measuring the various chemicals required to make physiological salt solutions so the the frog tissue can be kept alive during the entire experiment. We use the old fashioned analytical scale as it is very accurate. Prabhav has become an experiment at weighing and we have officialy nominated him to weigh all the components during the experiments.Waiting for the frogs to arrive. All the equipment is to be kept ready so that there is very little delay from dissection to stabilisation.The first tracings after stabilization. We are using a gimbal lever here on the smoked drum. The entire set up is called a kymograph. We have taken a complete DRC (drug response curve) for acetylcholine at geometrical progression of doses.Proceeding to potentiation and antagonism with Eserine and d-tc respectively. Applying finishing touches to the kymograph to add the various tags required to identify what we have done and make the readings self explanatory. A satisfied lot.

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