Of Monsoons and Matchsticks !

Weird title, but what else could i do! Lacking the literary acumen or the poetry of some of my fellow blogger, i have to make do with what i have!

When it rains in Manipal, it pours. Everything is moist, wet and squishy. The fans work overtime to dry clothes that will not see sunlight for weeks together, gathering the smell of the musty fungi that grow in unbeknown places. The rooms have a musty odor of wet socks and and stinky feet, which do not get a chance to dry out. All sorts of flies and creepy crawlies make home with the warmth that the human body provides.

All right! That’s it about the monsoons. Now for the Matchsticks bit! I am talking about those bits of wood that are chopped from trees and cut into slivers of even size and length, packaged into small cardboard cases of 2.5 inches by 1.5 inches and sold at every shop in the world! Those same pieces of wood that are then tipped with some sort of phosphorous mixture that are ignited by us to light fire!

Got that! These are Matchsticks! (At least i thought so) Up until today!

Today was a revelation! A few days back i bought a few match boxes so that i could light the diya placed in my prayer shelf! As a part of my daily routine, before i pray to god after having a bath, i light the diya and meditate for a few minutes on my sins of the previous day! (If i was serious about it, i would have to meditate for hours, so much sinning i do). But today, i could not light a single match.

The powdered tips just came of all the matches i tried to light. Not because they were soggy or such, but, because they were of poor quality. So one important lesson i learnt today was that “Car – Safety Matches ” are a strict no – no. Be warned all ye Manipal folks. Stay away from the Car brand. Luckily i had my trusty lieutenants from the past. The Camel and the Chavi came to my rescue in lighting the lamp.

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