Monsoon Stories

Rain rain go Away!

It’s been raining continuously for 4 days now. It’s made me sick and tired of all the muck that has resulted from the downpour. The clothes do not dry and i am feeling very lazy to get out of bed […]

Monsoon Stories

Creepies and Crawlies

With the arrival of monsoons and the proximity of the western ghats with its rich tropical ecosystem the bugs start invading the homes and hostels. One of the larger varieties of moths came visiting the Department just last week. I […]

Monsoon Stories

The Monsoon

The Monsoon has started bombarding Manipal. It’s highly unpredictable. Sometimes it just gives a sweet KISS and goes away and more often tries hard to perforate the umbrellas and raincoats and even the skin (Okay! That’s taking it a bit […]