Expectations render you miserable

Great Expectations
Great Expectations

All the problems start as soon as our expectations take a rise. Between the two banks of life and death, flows the river of love which is not a question of length rather depth.

Great Expectations
Great Expectations

Freedom is the very essential core of human consciousness; love is its circumference and freedom is its center. These two fulfilled, life has no regret. Love is a basic need, as basic as freedom; so both have to be fulfilled. And, a man who is full of Love & Free is the most beautiful phenomenon in the wold.”-Osho

Don’t move ahead of yourself into the future. Let it remain unknown, that is its beauty, grandeur, glory. If it becomes known, it will be useless because the whole excitement is lost.

Don’t expect anything in future. Don’t corrupt it, because then all your expectations if fulfilled will make you miserable. You will not be happy about it  because happiness is possible only when something happens which you had never expected, when something takes you completely unaware.

You come home and expect your wife to say something and she does. Just think  you will be constantly in boredom. Nothing new will happen, everything will just be a repetition.

If expectations are fulfilled you will feel bored and if they are not you will feel as if a conspiracy is going on against you.

If you understand me well drop all fears and love more and love unconditionally – and don’t think that you are doing something for the other when you love, you are doing something for yourself. When you love it is beneficial to you. So don’t wait; don’t say that when others love, you will love – that is not the point at all.

Once you drop your ego, your expectations, you have learned how to live to the fullest. Frustation is a shadow of expectations; with expectations dropped, frustation drops on its own accord. Complaints disappear, grumbling disappears and you feel accepted.



  1. If expectations are fulfilled you will feel bored and if they are not you will feel as if a conspiracy is going on against you.” If there are NO expectations, dont you think one will be perenially bored?
    Without expectation, there is no growth, and without growth, you die.

    • I feel that who are we to expect something from others…as they were not put on this earth to fulfill our expectations…rather if u have NO dreams or no great thing to accomplish then it wud be boring for sure…but no expectations from others just make you independent and no more your happiness depends on others..thats more important..

  2. can one expect anything from their own self, or will that hinder the said path to happiness? what is life without being ambitious, without having a lofty aim with one’s life, one that is at once obtainable yet requires toil? i am in general agreement with most of the article, but does it not, in its bid to be completely un-expectant of others, taper down to lack of believe in the SELF? i guess there has to be a reconciliation of goal-setting and practicality; neither of wich is conducive to the mind, body and soul in extreme. just my two cents…

    •  What is an expectation? An expectation is a logical or not so logical
      way in which we want the events of our lives to unfold, how we think
      things should be, because of the experiences we have had in the past.
      You look out into the world through filters influenced from the
      millions of impressions you have accumulated, all safely tucked away in
      your brain.

      • What I feel is everyone has their own definition..but what matters is that how you keep moving inspite of your expectations being crushed…and most importantly you are talking about expectations from one own self whereas for me the purpose of writing this is to help you get rid of expecting from others..

    • One thing I am confused of what you said is that if you believe in yourself than what’s the need of expecting from others…when you are endowed with the ability to fulfill your expectations than how does your expectations from other taper down your believe in yourself, your confidence in yourself…And one more thing when life has its own beauty of revealing its aspect then whats the necessity of clutching it in your limited expectations…you never know you expected something less and you got something unexpected..so the beauty of your existence lies in receiving the unexpected with all your gratitude.

  3. Blind optimism and impulsivity often cause me to ignore logic and instead make decisions based on a hopeful projection of what’s going to happen next. It’s like I forget everything I’ve ever learned about the things that generally don’t end well when I do them. And then I’m somehow surprised when things don’t happen the way I expected.

    • This is something which happens with everyone or rather I feel it’s human nature..we think less…feel more…expect more and then hurt ourselves even more.

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