“Who are doctors? Are dentists doctors? Or are they just dentists?”

These are the general questions , which strike a layman!

According to the oxford dictionary , a doctor is defined as ‘a person who is qualified to treat people who are ill’.

When you come across some cardiac problems , or bone related problems , you go to a cardiologist and an orthopaedic surgeon respectively. The same way , when you have ‘oral illness’ , you go to a dentist , therefore they are doctors too!

The world has this particular mindset about , the term ‘doctor’ being used only for a physician(MBBS) or a specialist (MBBS,MD). Dentistry is also a field of specialty, a specialty in the study of the oral cavity. Dentists have spent 5 years of their life learning about the subject. They are thorough about the subject by the time they start practicing.


Toothache is one of the most painful conditions humans endure. This is when dentists come to rescue.

When you are in pain , you go to the dentist , trusting him blindly that by his/her help , your pain will be relieved. After you are fine , you thank them and leave. But , where does all this respect and thankfulness go when you are asking the question about a dentist being a doctor or not? When you need them , they are there for you. But , in return they would not expect such a question by their patients!

Respect your dentist , his education & his profession by not questioning his authenticity! They are the ones who are going  to help you during your oral problems.

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