The Most Common Problems with Cars and How to Fix

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What are the most common problems with cars? Which issues can you fix by yourself? Which problems do you need to ask the professional? We have answers here!

As you may know, owning a car means that you will have to take a lot of responsibility. If you want your car to be with you for a lifetime, you need to take care of it. And even if you have regular maintenance, your vehicle can still get into so many troubles. And if in case you have a fleet of cars, you need to keep a track of all of them. Having a GPS tracker installed in all the vehicles is very important in this case as it helps you locate your vehicles and connect with the drivers if need be.

The purpose of this article is to show you some of the most common problems with cars so that you will not be confused when it happens. It can be warning lights, flat tires, overheating, and more. And you need to know which one you can fix yourself and which ones need professional intervention.

Warning Lights

Engine-check light or warning lights are widespread problems with cars, regardless of whether your vehicle is an SUV or a truck. When the warning light is on, it means that the Engine Control Unit finds some errors.

problems with cars warning lights
Warning lights are common problems with cars

There are more than 200 warning codes, including overheating, battery problems, low on fuel, some tires’ issues, and more. You may refer to the car manual to solve some of the basic errors. It could be best if you take your vehicle to a professional garage to detect the systems’ problems and get it repaired.

Dead Battery

For your information, most car batteries can easily last for 50,000 miles or about three years. The dead battery is a severe problem that no driver wants to face, especially when the battery accidentally dies on the highway.

The reason for the dead battery is often electrical currents or reduced amps. These two factors prevent the battery from maintaining a charge. And once your battery can’t hold the charge, it will die soon. So the solution to these problems is you should regularly replace car batteries every three years or every 50,000 miles.

In case your battery dies on the road, you can call for a tow truck by searching for towing near me. And if you know how to jumpstart your car, you can ask other drivers for help.

Flat Tyres

Do you know why tires are so essential? They are the parts that have to pass through many obstacles while handling the car’s weight at the same time. The tires will grip and help your car stay stable on the road.

There are so many reasons that lead to flat tires. Most of the tires get flat after striking some hard obstacles or being punctured. However, the main reason is still wear and tear. If your tires are flat, it is very slippery, especially when the tires operates under rainy or snowy weather.

problems with cars flat tires
Tires are the most crucial part of a car and a common cause of problems with cars

So as a car owner, you should be aware of the importance of tires’ regular maintenance. You can extend the lifespan of the tires by keeping rotation properly as recommended by tires’ manufactures.

Noisy Engine

When buying a new car, you will find the engine is very smooth and quiet. The noisy engine only appears in the old car or when it is in trouble. And if you hear splattering, rattling or knocking sound when starting the engine, it could be a signal of engine issues.

Besides, several parts are in charge of keeping the engine running smoothly. And for the driver, a sputtering engine or a misfiring engine are two of the most common issues.

But the point is you can only detect the noise and issues from the engine and take it to the garage. There is nothing that you can do at home to fix engine problems. You would need to have an engine management system such as the ones provided by haltech to have your engine running smoothly.

Smoke from the Exhaust

Every car produces smoke when running on the road, and it is exhaust gases. But if your car produces too much smoke with dark color and weird smell, we are afraid that your engine is in trouble.

The exhaust gases of the standard car are often colorless, and you may only rarely see it in the winter. You should regularly check the colors and smells of the exhaust gases to make sure that you are safe. White smoke can be a signal of leaking coolant. And blue gas can come from leaking oil in the combustion chambers.

problems with cars smoke exhaust
Smoke from the exhaust – common problems with cars as they get older

Based on the status of the issues, you can solve the problems at home or take it to the garage. Although exhaust gas will not directly affect your driving, it will severely affect other drivers and the environment. So please maintain the engine regularly to minimize the number of exhaust gases.

When it comes to addressing common car problems, one solution that enthusiasts often consider is the muffler delete kit. This kit can help improve exhaust flow and potentially enhance the sound of your vehicle. If you’re interested in learning more about muffler delete kits and how they can benefit your car, you can explore options available at With their range of exhaust solutions and expertise in the field, they can provide valuable insights to help you address car issues effectively.

Overheating problems with cars

If your car remains overheated for a long time, it could have some serious problems. Overheating is not very common in modern vehicles since they have sophisticated systems and sensors. However, you should also understand the situation to get the best solution.

And the best solution for overheating is to replace the water pump before it wears or breaks down. Besides, it would help if you always stayed on top of the radiator flush service.

Tire Punctures

Your car’s tires do wear out after a long time using. And it is the usual time for punctures. Tire punctures are a widespread problem for many drivers, especially when you have to drive on a rough road with many obstructions like stones or nails.

The older your tires are, the easier they are likely to puncture. So, what you should do is only drive within the recommended tread wear. You can quickly check this period on the website of the tire manufacturer. Besides, many professionals suggest that you should regularly change the new tires every 500 miles.

In conclusion, please remember

If you want to buy a new car, sooner or later will you face these problems when driving? If you’re going to buy a second-hand car, you have to foresee these problems to find the best- quality vehicle.

And apart from the problems with cars mentioned above, you will see many other issues, including wheel bearings, worn-out brake pads, shaky steering wheel, and more. Of course, you can fix some simple questions like changing tires at home. But for other complicated problems, you should take your car to the garage to get help.

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