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Mattie Stepanek                

My first day of clinical periodontics postings and the very first task of Teeth Scaling. A dental term for cleaning of teeth and that too the mechanical one. I am the first roll number in my posting and there I was waiting for my perplexed patient who doubted my ability. Suddenly ma’m  called all the 3rd year undergrads and for the next few moments I stood there listening to her instructions. She allotted me my ‘first patient‘ and then I guided him to the dental chair. I tried to hide my terrified inner-self with a confident smile on my face so that I don’t terrorise the already perplexed fellow. 😛


Well, while arranging all my instruments, I tried to have a casual conversation with him but my luck had to test me more. The bitter twist was that he only knew Malayalam that turned my confident smile into a poker face look. But still I talked to him, unaware of how much he understood out of that.

He asked which year I was in and where I was from and it was quite easy for him to identify the place after I mentioned Dhoni.

Then I was engrossed in my war with  the calculus and the plaque.The moment when that mineralized deposit of calculus flew in air,I exclaimed-“ohh Yess!“.  I can’t explain that feeling when you actually remove it and it becomes theyeah‘ moment for you.

No one can possibly know what is about to happen: it is happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time.

I remember in between my patient was talking something of Malaysia and Malaysian students and their work and I remember only these keywords as I was nodding in affirmation like a stupid person. But inside I was happy that atleast I am done with my work properly and he smiled and thanked me. I was grateful to him because he was my first patient. Every thing that happens for first time in life is always memorable and priceless.

I wanted to cherish this experience so I had to share it. For more take on dentistry, Stay tuned.

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