Corruption and an Unpunished Crime

Just Like Charity, Even Corruption Begins At Home. When you bribe your child to behave the way you want, you're actually bribing him/her and sowing the seeds of corruption.

In our society, as in any society, if a person commits a crime there is, without exception, a reprisal for that action. But the key to that is if the person in criminal action is caught. If no one apprehends this slimy character, he will merely slip away. The culprit will continue on his ways of perversion and manipulation of people, even as far as government.

This person is obviously a very intelligent man. He has existed in this world as a parasite. His claws grab into our flesh, sinking so deep that it becomes almost too painful to remove. Yet it must be done. The crime he has committed is not just against people, but against society itself. What he does is not defined in the Constitution or found in some law books. He has studied the law and knows that words can do for and against him. Certainly he is no average criminal.

Corruption and an unpunished crime 1
Just Like Charity, Even Corruption Begins At Home. When You Bribe Your Child To Behave The Way You Want, You’Re Actually Bribing Him/Her And Sowing The Seeds Of Corruption.

He is a most deceptive character. While he is smiling and shaking your right hand, his left hand is reaching into your pocket. He uses every device possible to achieve his goals. He has to win the game or he will lose everything. We may describes this character as a plump, ugly, white-haired freak. He usually wears an old khadi jacket with a pair of pyjamas and a Gandhi topi. He drives an aged amby with a license plate that reads “SPEAK.” Most certainly he is a flower child or a hippie type person. And yet he has power.

What he accomplishes to himself is a small part of success. However, to those affected, he is a dismal failure. He is a failure emotionally and psychologically. His failure hurts those around him the most. When his hand is caught in the cookie jar, he merely denies the fact. He then turns around and points the finger of blame on you.

He has master-minded the “system” by understanding and knowing how it works. Therefore, to root him out of his components, we must understand and comprehend the functions of that system. In sequence we can take the correct procedures along those lines. We must use him against himself. What goes through his mind as he uses people to do his bidding? Has he been a failure all his life only to convince himself that he is successful?

This man, this criminal is not well. He needs help and understanding from all of us. But it is a tremendous price that we will have to pay if we let him continue going on about his “work” non-stop. We cannot leave our hands tied behind our backs and let him skip along his merry way. We must stop him and put him where he belongs. We must act.

Is there no punishment for a person like him? How can you punish a man who is unfit as a human being? We must be generous in dealing with him, but we must also be firm. But what punishment can we give this man? We can put him in prison for a few years but he can be paroled after a very short while. He will be at large again to twist people into his whims. Is there really a just punishment for such a person as this?

We cannot let him exist in our society, much less in any society. But, of course, no such person exists, because everyone is this person. What happens here is a crime and, worse yet, there is no punishment.


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