Speed = Thrills = Kills


This was one of the first of the countless videos uploaded on Youtube with the basic keyword of Speed+Kills.  I think it shows quite a bit.  But instead of just focussing on the little sad faced kid.  Let’s focus on what happened here.  The guy was showing off to the lady in the passenger seat, gets carried away and rear ends a vehicle stopped at a red light.  The front vehicle crashes and kills the lady walking in front.  So really who killed the lady? Yes the obvious answer was the guy.  But it was the lady who actually struck the pedestrian.  Do you think the lady driver could live with herself knowing that it was technically her vehicle that killed someone?  How would that go down?  I’d be honest..I’d have a break down.

But the key I’m trying to state is..it doesn’t matter if you’re not at fault, a single individual not following the rules of simple speed and common sense can turn a day into a nightmare.  speed21

In Manipal, how many times have we all seen people, mostly guys (not all) driving at ridiculous speeds through crowded Tiger Circle or in front of the hospital trauma center?  Best place to have an accident, but would you really want to?  The roads have passengers / vehicles all day and at night you can’t see the potholes.  Would you really want to hit one when going at a high speed?  Especially on bikes that don’t really scream tough?

When you drink and drive, the thrills seem to multiply..but the chances of you ending up like the hundreds of kids in the emergency room also multiply.  Ask any of the doc’s in Oral Surgery in MCODS, Manipal. I’ve seen a couple of cases.  Hell I’ve had friends who’ve died in crashes.  One was in his last year in Manipal.  One night of drinking and driving, ended up with a major head injury, effectively destroying everything that he worked so hard for.

The basic safety equipment isn’t used by 98% of the students.  A helmet.  I’m not going into full armored riding gear just a basic helmet.  How many of you or your friends wear one?  Not many I can guarantee.

I can understand the fun of speed.  The thrill of it.  The sheer excitement and adrenaline rush of it.  I’ve already crossed the 250 Km/hr barrier many years back.  300 km / hr and over is the next target.   Where?  No it won’t be on a highway with cars, there is only one place on the planet I’d like to get that thrill at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

But then again, I know you want the thrill of speed but make sure you don’t do it in a way that your parents have to be called to Manipal to fly you home in body bag.  Just my $0.02.


  1. Bonneville salt flats??That’s the place where “World’s Fastest Indian” was shot,right?

    And where did you clock 250 Km/hr?Is that on car or bike?

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