‘Ek Ghanta’ By Kartik Sadvij

On April 1, Kartik Sadjiv disappointed Manipalites. His friends and fans were truely disheartened by him. You ask why? It was because he pranked them by spreading a fake news that Russell Peters is coming to Manipal! Now, what could

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For those who don’t know, HUES is an annual cultural week of MCODS, Manipal usually held in the month of March. All kinds of events from singing, acting, dancing to cooking are held in a short span of 6 days.

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Movie Review – Captain Marvel

The film had a lot of talk surrounding it as a simple piece of the larger MCU puzzle seemed to be in the spotlight in the media for a myriad of reasons ranging from being politically correct, a desperate attempt for inclusion and for supposedly being MCU’s tribute to women empowerment. And those expecting the last, have been let down by a mile seeing nothing ‘new and fresh’ in this film. But did the film achieve what it set out to? Navaneethcrshna thinks so.