TechTatva 2010: Unleashing the Beast.

Well, it was a boring time for us. The days before the TechTatva (MIT, Manipal’s tech fest). Boring topics being done in class, and some changes in the staff. Our English teacher had left the institution and the new teacher..well, was boring. Oh, yes, our exams were finally done and we were in no mood to study too.
So, here’s what we decided: why not participate in the tech fest? Considering our little experience (yes, almost none) at tech fests and the competition from seniors, we decided on one event. Category: Kurukshetra. Event: RoboSoccer. And we started preparing.
First, we had to get a team. Parikshit (a classmate and friend) and I were already ready. Next, we got in Ayush (the guy who controlled the bot) and finally Reeves (the guy who well, shared the costs). The more the merrier.
And so we began. Read more:

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