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Lilly Sabri is a fitness influencer who posts exercise and workout videos on YouTube. Prior to her journey on YouTube, she was a national-level swimmer. She then earned her degree in physiotherapy and is a fitness instructor since. Her exercises concentrate prominently on core building and strengthening. She stands out from other fitness influencers because her exercises lack repetition; she has so many different exercises! And the energy (!!!) Her energy will encourage you to get up and move.

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Image source: Lilly Sabri

She is perfect for people on every level of their fitness journey: beginner to pro. She often has timers in her videos while she also explains how to exercise, and exercise correctly.

     Her workouts come in various time lengths, she is the go-to choice for five-minute, ten-minute, and even thirty-minute workouts! For those of you who don’t feel like making the trip to the gym, or don’t have the time to go to the gym, these workouts are perfect. 

In this article, you will find some of her best workout videos that will you get you going on your fitness journey. 

But before that

There are a few pointers I want you to keep in mind.

  • It is important to know that workouts alone won’t get you to the result. Eating healthily is crucial. You cannot expect results by just exercising. You need to include healthy and nutritious food in your day. No matter which fitness instructor you follow, eating should be constant. After all, we all know that fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise.
  • Lilly often has workout plans that range from 14 days to 30 days. While these plans work, you need to stay consistent. Just fourteen days of exercising are not enough if you want to see good results. Consistently is a skill you need to learn. By staying consistent you will see great results that will also stay for long!
  • Do. Not. Compare. You might see Lilly and lots of other people doing the same exercise as yourself, but the results might not be the same. You need to understand that all bodies are built differently, so it is obvious that even the results will appear different. Do not compare your journey with others. Just put in your time and efforts, and those results will come, and take my word for it.
  • Know your why. Why are you working out? Are you working out because someone else thought you should? No. Work out because you want to. Because you want your abs sculpted, or because you want the legs toned. Work out because you feel nice after exercising. Because you feel more focused and spirited after working out. It is very important you go on your fitness journey with a healthy mindset. 
  • Streeeeetch. Always remember to warm up and stretch before and after your workouts!


Now that we have all of this cleared out, welcome! Congratulations and pat-pat for starting off with your fitness journey. Or if you still haven’t started, it is okay, I hope this article and Lilly’s big doses of motivation will help you get started!

Finally, *Drum roll*

Smaller Waist and Lose Belly Fat in 14 Days

Now now, remember your promise, the title says fourteen days, but you will stay consistent and not lost hope if you don’t see mind-blowing results after just fourteen days, right?


Image source: Pinterest

This is the ultimate waist sculptor. It is just ten minutes and can easily fit into your schedule. Get this, ten exercises, 50 seconds with a ten-second break, and you get to see greatttt results! You don’t even need any equipment except for your exercise mat for this one. The workout works your entire core and focuses on toning your oblique muscles that in turn shape your waist. You can rest assured that you will feel the burn that will have you coming for more. Lilly incorporates various types of crunches and sit-ups to get you closer to your goal. Plus, the guest appearance, her dog, makes things more fun.

Find it here.

Lose Love Handles and Belly Fat in 14 Days

I understand how tough losing the love handles can be. I feel you. This is why I bring to you this workout. It works wonders! The workout has various exercises that help in burning the stubborn fat there. Ten minutes, 45 seconds of exercising, with 10 seconds of rest, sounds doable, right?

     Lilly helps you tone your waist and say bye-bye to those love handles with bicycle crunches, planks with hip dips, and flutter kicks (isn’t the name so cute?). Just follow her instructions very carefully and remember to take breaks if you need any!

Find it here.

Full Body Fat Loss (No Jumping)

If you are one of those people who are afraid of making noise while working out or disturbing the neighbors who live below your apartment, this one is for you. Or, if you’re one of those who don’t like exercises that involve jumping, this one’s for you as well. But don’t worry, this one will get your heart racing just the same. This is a total fat burn. So, if you’re in the mood to work on your entire body, you can opt for this one. Or, if you just want some moving done, go for it! 

    It is a twelve-minute workout with 45 seconds of exercising with a 15-second break reward. You will get to see variations of lunges, shoulder taps, and squats for this one. The music playlist for this workout is a bonus; it’s so good!

Find it here.

Image source: Lilly Sabri

Full Body Fat Loss (Cardio)

Now if you don’t care much about the noise or the jumping, this killer cardio workout is for you! It’s a proper fifteen-minute workout with 45 seconds of exercising and of course, 15 seconds of break. For this one, Lilly includes resistance bands in the exercises; they enhance the effectiveness of the exercises. However, don’t worry if you don’t have those bands, they are optional. Lilly also added simple modifications to the exercises for beginners to follow without any hassle. 

     You’ll see them all, the squat jumps, shuffle lunges, hundreds (Yes, that’s the name of an exercise, who knew?), and burpees. Make sure to hydrate well in between exercising, and carry a cloth, you might sweat a lot.

Find it here.

Slimmer Legs (Lose Thigh Fat)

If you are in the need of a leg day, (I am so sorry) but here, this workout will get your legs all wobbly and weak. Before I tell you more about it, it is just eight minutes! Thirty seconds of exercising but no breaks. Lilly adds a lot of squats and leg-raise variations to help you get toned and lean legs. Moreover, you will feel good after completing this workout. Like most of her videos, even for this one, Lilly has a simpler modification of the exercise. 

     This workout is a real burner. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and really gets you moving. And that’s what we strive for, right? And hey, who knows, there might just be a YouTube ad that brings you a nice break. 

Find it here.

Lilly has many videos. She has really fun and effective challenges that really get you in the zone. You can go through her YouTube channel and try out those videos. Just remember to get through the workouts healthily and consistently. All the best!

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