3 tips for getting the best result in the gym.

working out at the gym
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What do you want me to do?

Jump straight to the point, the three ways, or appreciate you for hauling yourself to the gym every day! Or every alternate day! Or just Sundays! Or just even thinking about it! Wait, what was I talking about again? 

It’s true though, the first thing you need to do every day is appreciated yourself for wanting to work on yourself, for striving hard to be the better you. Because, that is the first step to seeing amazing results, knowing you can do it and how proud you are of yourself for going ahead and doing it also! 

So, 10/10. Good job.


The Tips.

It’s pretty simple actually. You might’ve even heard them a million times, but I’ll tell them to you a million plus one[th] time because they are so simple yet so important! 

Stay consistent With Gym Work

Yes, I know, it’s hard. It’s hard coming back home after finishing the ‘leg day’ and knowing you’ll have to do it all over again. But yes, it is essential you stay consistent because only then you will see results. Allot days to work on different areas, leg, upper body, abs, and the like. Hey, I am no professional trainer but I know it is fun to try a different workout every now and then. That helps you stay consistent too! For the best results, working on yourself rigorously, continuously is imperative. Do that, and you’re golden! Or toned. Yes. 

It’s a cycle, you know? When you see the results, you will want to keep going, keep working hard. You will want to stay consistent. And to see those results, you will need to stay consistent, keep going, keep working hard. 

Throw those excuses out the window and lessgo!

Eat healthily

One of the best ways to see the best results in the gym is to maintain your diet out of the gym. Does it make sense? It does. I’ll tell you why fitness is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Gasp!

What you do in the gym might go down the drain if you don’t maintain a healthy diet at home. Following a diet, eating in moderation, and avoiding a lot of pizza during movie nights will help you see those results soon! Not just soon, it’ll help you stay fit and healthy.

Plus, when you eat well, you will feel more energetic, therefore, you will work out well. There are many benefits of eating healthy food, it helps in battling the risk of chronic diseases, aids in stress management, and most importantly, will help with the chances of you seeing those best results significantly. 

Photo by Jannis Brandt

Knowing when to take breaks

Another way to see the best results in the gym is by not going to it, hehe!

No, no, let me rephrase it, it is believed that rest days are beneficial in the seeing-best-results journey. 

There are various advantages to having a rest day. Your body needs time to repair the muscles and fight fatigue. Plus, it mitigates the rest for injury. Taking breaks is not a setback, if anything it helps you have healthy progress because it improves your performance. 

Contrary to popular belief, the route to healthy living is not that hard. It is hard at first, but then, what isn’t? It gets easier with time, you will fall into the process of living healthily, and who knows, you might even enjoy it! 

So, there you go, stay consistent, eat healthily and take those breaks.

All the best!

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