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Have you ever wished for a website that would give you all details about cars, but without the many pop ups and ads that seem to invade the screen? Well, in that case, you can breathe easy. Autoportal, a comprehensive site for automobiles, with special emphasis on cars could be the ideal solution for your needs.

A global idea promoted by Anton Rublevskyy in Ukrine, Autoportal made its Indian debut in the year 2013. Although it is yet to reach its second anniversary, the site has made a place for itself in the minds of car enthusiasts and auto industry followers. What puts this site apart from the numerous other sites is the absence of irritating ads and other pop-up windows, which are the trademark characteristics of a site of this nature.


The promoters and team behind the site has made it clear that their ultimate aim is not profit generation at the cost of customer satisfaction. As such, they emphasize on providing relevant information to the needy – a very exhaustive information in that.

Surfing through the portal one cannot help appreciating the simplicity of the scheme of things. There is no confusion of any sort as every data and information is placed under distinctive heads. Hence, it is easy for you to search for a new car or a used one, find the latest news on car industry in particular and automobile industry in general, find complete details of a car or even compare two or more cars with each other.

Aided by a team of automobile experts, the technical team of the site ensures that the client visiting the portal is provided with up to date information and details. As such, you could get almost the exact price of a car in a particular city, the changes affected in a facelift of a certain model and the like.

A wonderful site to do comparison of cars, Autoportal offers a detailed insight into the minute aspects of the technical and other specifications. The site provide info graphic details and audio-visual details of cars, especially on test drives and reviews and offers the users a platform to share their reviews and opinion on a car they use.

It is no wonder then the site has grown to be the favorite of auto enthusiasts and potential buyers. The ease with which information can be accessed, navigation between various sections and the simplicity of the layout has helped even a causal browser to get easy information from the site.

It is expected that with all information easily available at few clicks of the mouse, Autoportal will further grow in its scope and offer more specialized services related to auto industry.

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