Automation foils Hoogar

Hoogar at Manipal 1

It all started with the wonderful Invention of automation — the automobile.

Hoogar, Manipal student, was driving to his Maruti Omni home when the worse thing that can happen to a man happened. His car broke down. Thus, not being a car mechanic enthusiast, he was suddenlly faced with the problem of transportation.

There was always his motorcycle, but alas it, too, was temporarily out of commission. Only one alternative was left — a rusty, old bicycle.

Being a sophisticated man over 21, Hoogar wasn’t one bit excited about riding a bike to work or college but what had to be done, had to be done. To get to his Chemistry class on time, he takes 45 minutes. By the time he peddles home from work he has about half an hour to prepare for his afternoon classes. Hoogar adds that he walks to college rather than riding his bike because he feels It’s a bit more inconspicuous.

Although some people may think that riding a bicycle involves no difficulties, Hoogar proves them wrong. While coming home one day, he had a flat. The next day when he was taking his laundry to the dhobi the chain on his bike broke. The next time he turned around, he had another flat. Then, as if this wasn’t enough to blow anybody’s cool, he stripped his peddles. That is he had both peddles going up and down together instead of one going up and the other going down.

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