Hoogar Survives Trip to MCODS; Warns Manipalites of Dreaded Drilling

Hoogar at Manipal 4
Hoogar developed toothache after eating food at the food court, you see this was the first time he was eating outside home. His friends advised him to visit the nearby Manipal College of Dental Sciences, he called up the college and was asked to visit the next day at 8:30 A.M. sharp.
The smell assailed Hoogar’s nostrils as he walked through the door. It was kind of like walking into a bottle of Listerine. Nothing has ever smelled so clean. Hoogar was about to give his name to the woman at the desk and then she said “Dr. Marquis De Sade (name changed), your patient is here.”

“They were expecting me”, thought Hoogar to himself. The tone of her voice sounded foreboding as he was led into the torture chamber known as the dentist’s examination room. He then sat down in the chair called “The Iron Maiden.” The doctor walked in. “How are you today, ” he said in his syrupy sweet voice. Hoogar was disappointed, his friends had told him of all the ethereal beauties who masqueraded as dentists and was expecting one such beauty to be his doctor.
They’re nice to you right up until the end, Hoogar thought to himself. It’s kind of like the last meal before the long walk to the electric chair. The dentist then drew out a needle from behind his back that looked like the end of a bayonet. “Now this won’t hurt a bit,” he says, “Open wide.”
Hoogar felt a jab of pain in his lower jaw and then it was all over. Hoogar was dead. Well, at least half of my face was. Then the good doctor left, explaining that the xylocaine had to have time to work. Hoogar waited five tense minutes, ten minutes, half an hour. His jaw started to come alive again. The doctor and nurse came in. Immediately they started to put contraptions and cotton wads in his mouth. Then the drilling started.
“Uh-h-h! ” Hoogar said.
“What’s wrong?” replied the good Dr. Marquis de Sade.
“Theh zilocabe ith wah-wing off.”
“What! Speak English!”
“Doctor.” interrupts Nurse Hatchet.
“I think he’s saying the Xylocaine is wearing off.”
“Oh. “
He pulls another bayonet needle out of his drawer. Bam! Another ten minutes pass. The doctor walks in again and looks at Hoogar as if to say “Now the real fun begins.”
The drill bores into Hoogar’s teeth. The minutes pass slowly. Hoogar closes his eyes and listens to the incessant sound of the drill. The dentist finally finishes his dirty work. Hoogar rinses his mouth out and stands on shaky knees.
Hoogar walks to the front desk to listen to the details of the sadistic torture done on him and what he has to do next. Nurse Hatchet takes his identity card which serves as his medicare and says in her sweetest voice. “Well, we’re all finished. We won’t see you again till 19th August.”

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