Cracking Interviews can be fun 1

Cracking Interviews can be fun

This is probably the best season in Manipal and probably the worst. The breeze is cool and the weather is glorious. The whole world has a freshly washed look. The earth is covered in a carpet of deep emerald-green and

For Freshers in Manipal, You have a lot to learn, a lot more to explore!

A Note to Freshers in Manipal

Dear Freshers, Welcome to Manipal. You may be sitting with your parents clinging to every moment as it is time for them to leave. There is a tightening in the stomach, your throat goes dry. You are feeling awful and

Gwalior - Maharaj Bada

The Silent Food Invasion

(Gwalior is just a metaphor. This is the story of almost all the cities. Indians have suddenly become very adventurous in their gastronomic preferences) Yesterday I went to the city after almost three years. Once upon a time, Maharaj Bada