Cracking Interviews can be fun

This is probably the best season in Manipal and probably the worst.

The breeze is cool and the weather is glorious. The whole world has a freshly washed look. The earth is covered in a carpet of deep emerald-green and colourful flowers are blooming everywhere inviting butterflies to come and spread some more happiness.

Yet for some, these butterflies are inside their stomach instead . Yes, it is campus interview time. For those of you who are haunted by the spectre of an interview, you have my sympathy and understanding. Probably by now you may have been bombarded with Do’s and Don’t’s. This has left you more confused and stressed.Cracking Intervies can be fun

I am going to offer none.

Here are just a few tips to soothe your frayed nerves. If it makes you feel any better, there is no age or experience for nervousness. It happens to everyone. I still get nervous while addressing a gathering. The trick is to psyche yourself.

1. It is just an interview, not war:

Yes, rest assured there will be no blood spilled. Tell yourself that this is just one of the many opportunities to get yourself employed. So why should it make you nervous? You are young, smart and time is on your side.

2. Companies Need You As Much As You Need Them:

The Company comes because it needs people. The need is mutual. The officers who come have targets too. So they are not there to torture you. They have a job to do which they do as sincerely as they can. You must in turn do your job as sincerely as you can and leave it to destiny.

3. Go Well Prepared:

that will give you the confidence. Prepare as if your life depends upon it and once the interview is over, think as if you don’t need the job.

4. Imagine That This Is A Mock Interview and That The Company Has Sent Their Best Team to prepare You For the Next One:

Why should it bother you? You prepared well and now you have had the best dress rehearsal. If things do go wrong, sit and ponder where you went wrong. Avoid repeating the same mistake in the next one. Don’t sit there feeling sorry. Probably destiny had another dream job for you.

5. Drink a Lot of Water and Do Deep Breathing:

Nothing calms the nerves faster than one or two large err…. Glasses of water (what were you thinking?) Drink lots of water before the interview. Do some deep breathing. Even it calms the nerves.

6. Develop Some Humor:

Life is not a race. You do not have to win every time you compete. Even the best sportsmen fail sometime. That doesn’t mean that you stop trying. But it definitely means that each time you fall, wipe the dust off your back seat and get back to fight. I keep telling my students that I have been rejected more times in life than probably you will ever attempt. But that hasn’t stopped me from trying… or laughing.

So Guys, remember with the right attitude, Cracking Interviews can be fun. It is that easy.

Good Luck .

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