The Boomerang Effect

For years altogether I wondered whether the countless,endless debates on the concepts of ‘Karma’ made any sense.

The crap you do today,will burn your ass some other day,and that life will provide each of us with sure shot justice- no matter what the magnitude or the complexity of the wrongdoings done by you/to you. All this,without any guaranteed occurrence. Only patience and belief strong and powerful enough to make your world go round.Boomerang effect and Karma

I discarded the concept with utmost despair few years ago when the ways-of-the-world started to become crystal-clear and disturbingly evident.

Everyone did just what they want to do. And everyone got away-to flourish and thrive.

Karma did no policing then,nor later. Perhaps she would,somewhere down in time if one would persevere like a saint.

But,the time she comes into play either the sanity or the purity of the wronged souls would have become history,since their wait for justice would be nothing but relentless tyranny.

No surprises that it is the ‘thrown-off-balance’ world that we see today. Either karma is just a long-shot at hope or she simply believes in own pace much to the chagrin of many (including myself).

I then happened to come across the ‘Boomerang Effect’.

On the grounds of virtue,many can say it is closely related to Karma.

Karma says you will get what you deserve(Someday!)
Boomerang Effect says you will get what you give (Now!)

Sure shot and immediate results(tried and tested)
If you want respect, give it. Freely. And voilà, it comes back to you in double.
If you want love, let it flow through you.
If you want a great friend, be one.
If you want slander, give anger.
If you want to be understood, give more understanding,

In that Boomerang-spirit,what goes around comes around!


Something quite similar was quoted by the Mahatma -‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. That statement encompasses the crux of the Boomerang Effect in a selfless manner.

Usually the Boomerang comes back to you soon enough,but other unfortunate times Karma may take charge again to act on her own accord.

Rightly said,karma is a bitch.

Get hold of that boomerang. She would leave no glitch.

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