Best Tips to Travel with Baby Without Stress

travel with baby

Are you looking forward to start traveling the world with your baby? Are you wondering how you can manage traveling with your baby stress-free?

My husband and I never imagined how having a baby would affect our travels, until we lived it. Like most new parents, we were stuck trying to figure out how we could travel with our baby without the hassle of it all.

It mostly seems like babies require so much gear, but the truth is you need very little. Even though having all that gear could make your vacation more accessible, it will make the trip much more stressful. It helps to have a packing list, but if you can pack as lightly as possible, getting to your destination won’t be such a struggle. You will be surprised how little you need.

Tips to help make traveling with your baby stress-free

Eliminate Heavy Items

Before traveling, contact the hotel you want to stay in and find out if they provide cribs or travel cots. Make sure to book a hotel that guarantees the availability of a crib.

If you are renting an apartment instead, contact the host and ask if they can offer a travel cot or help avail one for you. It also helps to research baby equipment rental companies near you.

Find a reputable rental company that will deliver what you need to your apartment or hotel. If these options are not feasible for you, invest in a small, lightweight travel cot with backpack portability that will keep hands free.

Calculate the cost of purchasing vs. renting at your destination. If you can find an affordable option on Amazon that could be delivered when you arrive at your destination, that is also a good option.

Maintain Your Bedtime Routines

To help your baby sleep well while on vacation, we recommend replicating his or her bedtime routine as closely as possible.

For example, if a bath is part of the routine and your apartment or hotel doesn’t have a bathtub, purchase an inflatable tub or use the sink. Or you could wipe your baby down with a warm cloth. If reading to your infant is part of your routine, pack light kids’ magazines instead of board books.

Never Miss Feeding Times

If you breastfeed your baby exclusively, it isn’t a significant issue as you can use milkeaze to feed the child without undressing. However, if your baby is formula-fed or is eating solid foods, research the destinations and know the formulas or brands available and where to buy them instead of packing these foods.

However, if you don’t want to buy when you get there or don’t want to switch your formula brand, you should pack powder formula. Compared to the liquid formula, the powder formula is lighter and will take up less room.

If you are staying at a hotel, inquire about their kitchen facilities. It helps to have a microwave because you can use microwaveable steam bags for sanitizing breast pump equipment and bottles. You can also check sellformula for more tips on feeding your baby.

Create Time To Play

Despite your baby’s age, giving them time to play is crucial. However, you don’t need to pack all the toys; you can use this time to improvise and allow them to enjoy their new surroundings.

Luckily, babies enjoy playing with new items like spoons, plastic cups, and straws. They also love interacting with other passengers. Hence, rather than pack lots of toys, bring your baby to the near-by park and let them explore with the grass.

Figure Out How You’ll Get Around

Does your destination have adequate public transportation from the airport to the hotel or apartment and to get around? It is essential to research your destination and determine whether you need to pack your car seat or stroller.

If you plan to get around by public transportation or walking, rather than packing your bulky car seat, look into booking seats at your destination or a seat on the flight that will act as a bassinet as well.

Figure out whether you want to carry your baby all the time or use a stroller and decide how you want to get your baby around.

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