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Movie Review – Captain Marvel

The film had a lot of talk surrounding it as a simple piece of the larger MCU puzzle seemed to be in the spotlight in the media for a myriad of reasons ranging from being politically correct, a desperate attempt for inclusion and for supposedly being MCU’s tribute to women empowerment. And those expecting the last, have been let down by a mile seeing nothing ‘new and fresh’ in this film. But did the film achieve what it set out to? Navaneethcrshna thinks so.


Reliving Tarang – I Am and I Will

With the theme, I Am and I Will, on the occasion of World Cancer Day, the Volunteer Services Organization of MAHE, held it’s annual kite flying festival, Tarang!

With lots of fun games, and activities, performances to soothe the soul and awareness stalls to raise awareness about Cancer to compliment the fun kite flying events bookended by food to savour, Tarang 2019 was a big hit drawing the highest attendance ever! brings you Tarang’s Official Aftermovie!


Movie Review: Aquaman

Longtime fans of this underrated character have always hated the fact that a vast majority thought Aquaman’s superpower was ‘talking to fish.’ All that changed when Jason Momoa was cast to essay the character and he has done a fantastic job in Aquaman’s big screen debut. James Wan introduces us to a whole new world underwater and brings new depth to the DC Universe – both literally and figuratively!


Movie Review: Into the Spider-Verse

It’s rare that one finds a triple-threat in a well scripted, technical masterpiece that is also a visual masterpiece hitting a home run for the studio especially in the cash grab genre of Superhero films these days, but Into the Spider-Verse does a number on the ardent fanbase by giving them arguably the best Spider-Man movie of all time.


Rubbing Shoulders with the World – The Institutes of Eminence

Earlier today, the HRD Minister, Prakash Javdekar announced that 6 Institutes of Higher Education would be declared as Institutes of Eminence, going forward. Surprisingly, rubbing shoulders with names such as IIT, BITS, and Manipal was the proposed Jio Institute. This led to widespread displeasure and confusion that was addressed to later in the day. What comes out of this honor bestowed on these institutes, remains to be seen