Where to Stay in Toronto?

Toronto building with lights

A metropolitan and modern city, Toronto is a very diverse cultural destination offering museums, recitals, activities for families, sports facilities, and quality craft beers.

All of Toronto’s neighborhoods tell the story of a city that is both deliberately focused on heritage and also on its emerging future. Each district, therefore, offers a different atmosphere, from the bohemian to the posh, from the business district to the artistic and cultural district.

To help you find the best neighborhood to stay in Toronto that might be right for you, we’ve provided a selection of places to stay for the holidays.

Downtown: The Authentic Neighborhood To Stay in Toronto

downtown toronto

It is interesting to stay in downtown Toronto because it is in the Old Quarter and has the highest concentration of skyscrapers in the country.

It is there, in this district which is in a way the beating heart of the city, that you will discover the authentic Canadian culture and that you will spend pleasant moments.

This Toronto area to stay in is home to older homes, over 600 retail stores, exclusive restaurants, and 150 bars.

It also concentrates on some emblematic buildings such as the Saint-Laurent market designated as the “best in the world” by the no less famous National Geographic.

Downtown Toronto also holds a prominent place in the financial circuit, as it is home to the Toronto Stock Exchange, the seventh-largest in the world.

5 things to do and see in downtown Toronto

  • Visit Nathan Philips Square, with an ice skating rink in winter
  • Visit St. Lawrence Market
  • Explore the Toronto subway along the Path, a string of corridors that connect different stores and buildings, perfect for sheltering from the snow and cold in winter
  • Go to the Royal Ontario Museum, or ROM
  • Stroll through the historic Distillery district

Yorkville: The Iconic Shopping District

Yorkville is one of the country’s iconic shopping districts. It is home to one of the most expensive shopping streets in the world, namely The Mink Mile. El Dorado of shopping, the street is dotted with boutiques of exclusive luxury brands like Gucci and Chanel.Yorkville Toronto

The Royal Ontario Museum, located further west, is one of the most priceless attractions in Toronto, if not Canada.

Located a few yards from Yorkville you will find the Gardiner Museum. It is the national museum of ceramics of Canada and it is considered one of the few museums specialized in this field in the world.

Whether you just want to shop or feel ready to dip into your wallet, Yorkville is home to a plethora of designer boutiques, luxury department stores, and independent stores spanning everything from fashion to men’s shoes. and women, accessories, cosmetics, and interior decoration.

We also recommend that you visit the Bata Shoe Museum which offers a fascinating and different look at the history of the shoe. This museum houses the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of footwear and footwear-related objects. Here you will find a large international collection with more than 13,000 artifacts spanning 4,500 years of history.

The most prestigious part of the museum contains a large collection of celebrity shoes, including running shoes by Terry Fox, cowboy boots by Robert Redford, and patent blue moccasins by Elvis Presley.

5 things to do and see

  • Go shopping
  • Visit the Toronto Reference Library
  • Watch a movie at Cineplex Varsity & VIP
  • Visit the ceramic museum
  • Visit the Bata shoe museum


Located on the northern shores of Lake Ontario, the Harbourfront district is part of the Toronto waterfront that was once and since the city’s founding a fairly crucial maritime and industrial area.

The district is dotted with various art galleries, event spaces, and four craft workshops specializing in metal, glass, textiles, and ceramics.Queen's Quay Terminal Toronto

At Harbourfront you’ll find great lakeside restaurants (like the Pie Bar or the Goodman Pub ), gardens, a periodic ice rink, and a small shopping center, the Queen’s Quay Terminal.

We recommend that you also visit Bluffer’s Park which includes a pristine sandy beach, picnic areas, boardwalks, gazebos.

The beach is a place where you can swim and refresh yourself in the middle of clear water of great quality and shallow depth.

However, the fact remains that arguably the most impressive point of the beach is the Scarborough Bluffs, cliffs that stretch for about 15 km along the shore of Lake Ontario, and whose ridge s’ rises 90 km above the coruscating waters of the lake.

5 things to do and see

  • Explore the Toronto Islands
  • Visit the Music Garden
  • Visit the mall: Queen’s Quay Terminal
  • Attend classes and workshops at Harbourfront Center
  • Enjoy seafood by the water

Entertainment District

It is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Toronto. This entertainment district is home to some of the best theaters and arts centers in the country.

If you find yourself in this part of the city of Toronto, you must expect a wide range of cultural attractions.

John Street is renowned for being home to some of the city’s top attractions including the CN Tower, Rogers Center and the Ripley Aquarium of Canada – opened in 2003, home to over 16,000 marine species.

Here you will find one of the richest jellyfish exhibits and the largest collection of sharks in North America.

The CN Tower, imposing by its structure, is an ideal emblematic monument for adrenaline addicts.

Climb to the roof, 356 meters above the city, EdgeWalk and walk for half an hour hands-free on the metal ledge that circles the main gondola of the tower.

It’s awesome, but you have to be brave and not be afraid of heights!

5 things to do and see

  • Visit the CN Tower
  • Ripley Canada Aquarium
  • Have a drink at the Steam Whistle Brewery
  • Visit Rogers Center
  • Visit the Toronto Railway Museum


Chinatown is a lively and vibrant area to stay in in Toronto. Also, don’t forget that it’s the largest Chinatown in North America!

This lively district, always in jubilation, is a rich cocktail of restaurants, shops, bars, and cafes.

You will certainly be impressed by this harmony of sights, sounds, smells, and tastes that envelop the place and intoxicate any visitor.

As well as being a foodie’s dream destination, Chinatown is the perfect place to find a high concentration of budget accommodation, including backpacker hostels and boutique hotels.

With its location close to Toronto’s most important attractions, visitors to Chinatown can enjoy all the benefits of downtown without spending a lot of money.

5 things to do and see

  • Taste food from around the world at Kensington Market
  • Discover over 90,000 works of art that make up the Art Gallery of Ontario’s collection
  • Browse the small shops for crafts, arts, and other curiosities in Baldwin Village
  • Cool off at Arctic Bites
  • Enjoy excellent Asian cuisine on a budget at Banh Mi-Boys.

West Queen West

West Queen West isn’t just one of Toronto’s hippest neighborhoods, but according to Vogue Magazine it’s the second most exclusive neighborhood in the world.

Lively, bustling, and cheerful, this central Toronto neighborhood is the perfect place where the city’s young, creative and resourceful meet day or night, a little bit to remake the world their own way.

West Queen West offers an elegant and harmonious patchwork of historic architecture and innovative dishes.

This is where fashionistas and connoisseurs mingle with designers, writers, and taggers. From high-end galleries to trendy bars, there is always something sensational to suit every taste at West Queen West.

5 things to do and see

  • Enjoy a pint at Bedford Academy, a stylish and cozy pub
  • Listen and dance to the best alternative and grunge music at Lee’s Place
  • Visit the Bata Shoe Museum
  • Take a cultural getaway at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)
  • Sip exotic and delectable martinis at the Proof Vodka Bar

Downtown West

The center-west is a large district located in the center of the city. This area is home to Toronto’s most notorious and symbolic tourist attractions, particularly the CN Tower and the Hockey Hall of Fame.

It’s also the perfect place to stay in Toronto for families.

There is Toronto’s Inner Harbor, from where you can take a cruise and discover Toronto in a different way.

You will certainly be amazed by the panoramic spectacle of the CN Tower, which scrolls majestically on the horizon, you will cross lagoons before reaching the Toronto Islands.

The center-west is also perfect for families with children.

Hosting a variety of family activities and attractions, this part of town is well connected and easy to explore on foot.

5 things to do and see

  • Savor excellent drinks and enjoy a surreal atmosphere at Sweaty Betty’s, a cozy bar with a rustic outdoor terrace
  • Relax on a sunny afternoon at Trinity Bellwoods Park
  • Stroll through Graffiti Alley, where the walls are the scene of colorful artwork by highly talented local street artists
  • Eat succulent smoked and grilled meat at Smoque & Bones
  • Or enjoy delicious cuisine and innovative cocktails at the Church Aperitivo bar

More information on Toronto neighborhoods

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In Toronto, there is little room for boredom. Every day, you will discover something new, something new, you will experience unusual moments at times, subtle at other times.

And it is no coincidence that it is ranked as the best city to live in and that it is the preferred destination for tourists traveling to Canada. Because it is the hub of business, art, culture, and entertainment.

You can spend your day touring heritage buildings or browsing cultural exhibits in Yorkville.

Or, you can go to High Park or the Toronto Botanical Garden to relax.

If you’re a fan of the intense sensations, try the thrilling Haut-Da-Cieux attraction, a hands-free ride, on the rim that revolves around the roof of the CN Tower, about 350 meters above sea level.

For a dose of sports, you can go to an American football game at the Rogers Center, then take photos with the legendary Stanley Trophy in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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