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“I can speak to people though they hardly listen to me

I speak with the cool wind that passes me

I am always present and available 24/7

I get fresh in the rain

I reside in a place which is always calm

You will find me near Attavar for your next clue resides there”

This was the riddle my friend and I were presented with in our first year when we took part in the treasure hunt. We were newbies and hardly knew about Mangalore! Firstly we racked our brains to find a solution to the clue rather than focus on the location. It was challenging as we had no idea what the riddle referred to. We gave up trying to find the solution and instead went walking.We had zero idea where this place was. Now that I recall we were walking near Casa Grande. It seemed as if we were in a godforsaken piece of land! The sun bet mercilessly on us as we navigated our way through the streets by asking people the direction. We passed through a super market and went straight away to the KMC Attavar hospital. There we explored the gullies and came up with nothing.


Being tired, we called it quits and were walking to ‘Easy Day’ when coincidentally we happened to glance at a board called “SERENITY”. The street looked very serene with huge bungalows and trees lining it on either side. Just near the board Serenity was a house which had a very old tree and hanging on its broken trunk was a red board with the name” The Speaking Tree”  and the year 1892-2012 written on it. It looked magnificent and resembled a carved tree! There were many mushrooms growing on the tree. It was then that it struck us that this is what we were looking for! How many people do you think would actually know about this tree? Not many, I’m sure. Here hidden amidst “Our Mangalore” was a tree which had been speaking. This has to be one of the treasured places which is still being preserved. People hardly notice it as it is well concealed. So folks, now we have come across one of the wonders of Namma Mangaluru. Spread the word and make people aware of their wondrous city.

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