5 Ways to Save While Buying T-shirts in Bulk.

t-shirts in bulk
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Buying t-shirts in bulk might be one of the best ways to save money and also obtain more value per piece. Whether it’s for your business, company, or friends, ordering shirts in bulk can be rewarding to your wallet, but also a little tricky to navigate. Here are some ways to help save some bucks on your order. 

Approximate your needs: 

First, you need to have a rough estimate of how many shirts you need. Buying too many shirts will leave you wasting money, so, you need to have a number in your mind to start securing the best deal possible. Having an upper limit can help get you more shirts at a lower price. Having such estimates can help you save money. This can be difficult if you’re ordering for business; it might help to look at your demographic and analyze the market. 

Shipping costs:

If you’re ordering online, it’s important to keep shipping and handling costs in mind. Some retailers will offer prices that look great but with big shipping costs. Try to find retailers that offer free shipping and handling, maybe above a certain price limit. 

Sites that specialize in T-shirts in bulk orders:

Prefer to order from companies and sites that specialize in bulk orders, as their website is set up for bulk orders. They are easier to navigate since you just need to enter quantities and add them to the cart, otherwise, you might need to add in different colors and sizes separately. These companies also have specialized deals for wholesale prices so that’s something to look out for. 2351761

Return and other policies:

Keep a watchful eye on the policies or it could end up costing you money and time. For example, if there is a no return policy and you end up getting the wrong shirt size or color, it can cost you dearly. Check the FAQ pages of a website to ensure the orders are returnable and/or replaceable. If you’re operating within a timeframe, check where the order is shipping from. Orders from overseas warehouses take a while to arrive, and there are chances of packages getting lost. Replacement orders may not be too reliable, so watch out for that. Keep in mind to ensure that customer service is satisfactory. 

T-Shirt Design:

closeup of hanged shirts on rackPrices for t-shirts depend on color, print, material, etc. Plain white t-shirts are the least expensive. Dark colors tend to be higher in price. You can save money by going for a light color instead of a dark one. 

Now, let’s talk about prints. Sleeve prints tend to be more expensive than front or back prints. Also, the size of your print doesn’t matter as much as the location. If you have more than one location, it’s going to cost you more than if you have just one print, however large it may be. Keep in mind to limit the print locations as much as you can. As for colors, the more colors you print the more money you pay. So, try to print in minimal shades. 

There you go, now you know all the tricks there are to purchasing custom t shirts in bulk with the most savings. Watch out for policies and shipping fees, look for good deals on the right sites, and keep in mind the right t-shirt design. 

About the Author: Ananya Ananth is a Media and Communication student who writes, dances, and pets cats. Will be found vibing to music and instant coffee at all hours.

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