Is Christ University Better Than Manipal for Media and Communications?

Media and communication

The question above is something that I asked myself a couple of times before my admission process was completed in media and communications. Choosing at times can be difficult when you’re faced with two equally good schools of media and communication.  But still, one has to make a choice, right?

No matter the differences, the final choice falls upon the shoulders of the students and their parents. Choosing the right college can be quite challenging, but like a lot of things, it is a phase we must cross. A lot of factors come into play while making a decision.

Hence, let us go through a few parameters and draw a comparison of the two colleges to get a moderately better idea.

Surety of the field

MIC (Manipal Institute of Communication) of MAHE offers BA in Media and Communications and the MA for the same. It also provides BSc in Animation and B Voc in Graphics and Digital media.

Christ’s Department of Media Studies offers four sets of combinations, two in the main campus and the other two in the branch campuses, all in Bengaluru. They are:

  • BA Communication and Media, English, Psychology
  • BA Journalism, English, Psychology
  • BA Economics, Media Studies, Political Science (Bengaluru Bannerghatta Road Campus)
  • BA Honours Journalism (Bengaluru Bannerghatta Road Campus)

If you are sure about Media and Communication as a field, then go ahead with MIC. It is a course focused only on the different specializations and aspects of Media and Communication. On the other hand, if you are not sure about Media or have an open mind, then Christ University offers triple majors.

You have a varied combination to choose from based on your interests. Later in the course, if you figure out Media isn’t for you, you can always change over to Psychology for your Master’s program and career.

Campus and Environment

Christ is situated smack in the middle of a metropolitan city. It has a beautiful and spacious campus. If one wants the city life, with the hubbub and buildings, then Christ would be your fit. Bengaluru is more accessible, considering its one of the most developed countries in India.

christ university media and communication
Christ University (Bengaluru)

Commuting is easy, and there wouldn’t be any language issues. One can easily do internships without returning or going to other places, considering there are Media, IT, Advertising Companies in Bengaluru.

Manipal, on the other hand, is situated in one of the most exquisite belts of Karnataka. The campus is indescribably vast and stunning, and the atmosphere is fresh and healthy. It comes right between the Western Ghats and the coastline, and the air is clean.

Beaches, hills, temples. Though the campus is situated in a comparatively smaller town, everything a student needs is available.

Media and communication at Manipal
MIC (Manipal)

Manipal is a complete student hub. It is one of the most urbanized towns in India, indued with metropolitan culture. 

Academics, Experience, and Future

Manipal’s admission rate is lower than Christ’s, and it takes in only around 120 students for its Media program every year. It follows a pattern that allows a different combination of subjects for each semester.

The experience is unmatchable, with many opportunities to evolve and build one’s network through Club Activities, extra-curricular, and assignments. The students have their freedom which comes with their responsibilities of handling oneself as an adult.

However, in Christ, the regulations are a little stricter and more discipline-oriented. Though it offers its fair share of Activities, it might not be as much a the former. Manipal also offers Masters and PG Diploma courses, so one can continue their studies without worrying about moving again, considering one wishes to.

If given the opportunity to study in Manipal, don’t give up a chance. Both the Universities have their respective Pros and Cons. Hence, do your due research and pick the college that suits best to your aptitude. 

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