17 Tips for the Manipal Student!

To become a good professional, the student should be very clear with the ambition and set appropriate goals.

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Here in MIT you are measured on a Relative Grade Point basis rather than absolut percentage or any other method.

Having joined a professional course, you may face a number of situations that place several demands on you physically and psychologically. Certain times one tends to feel too stressed out. That is the time a counselor would relieve your tensions and thus help you to get back to your feet again. There may be certain issues which are very personal and are interfering with your work and normal functioning. Peer group may sometimes be unable to understand your personal pressures. Being away from home into a new environment can also put you in a distressing situation at times. A counselor can help you to feel more comfortable in your new set-up. The counselor is the person you can turn to whenever you need to discuss some difficult situations of your life.

  1. To become a good professional, the student should be very clear with the ambition and set appropriate goals.
  2. The priorities for the day should be clear in the mind.
  3. Proper time management is very essential (with proper time management a student can easily have 3 hours of relaxation per day and read for 5 hours per day).
  4. Mind and body should be kept active. Relaxation though important if overdone, priorities and ambition may be forgotten.
  5. Attendance and internal assessment are two valuable tools to monitor the academic progress of a student. To avoid anxiety and tension before exam one should maintain a good record of attendance and internal assessment. Though 100% attendance is essential, 15-25% absenteeism is permitted to cover ill health & family commitment.
  6. It is advisable that students stay only in the hostels. When in hostels, they are expected to abide by the hostel rules and regulations. It is mandatory to keep the warden informed in case if the student is visiting a friend or relative and is going to be away from the hostel for more than a day. Students should not keep costly and valuable items in the room.
  7. The behavior of the student in and around the campus should befit the noble profession they have opted. Lab coats (apron) should be worn only inside the campus.
  8. Students are expected to observe the dress code of the University.
  9. Indiscipline will be dealt with as per rules and the nature of punishment can vary from suspension to dismissal from the institute.
  10. The students are discouraged from indulging in undue risky behavior. Swimming in the rough Arabian Sea has costed the life of few students in the past. Also there is no need to possess a two or 4 wheeler.
  11. Talented students in the field of sports and cultural activities should identify themselves with sports and cultural committee of the college. Good hobbies should not be forgotten.
  12. Students, who have to deal with patients, should make an effort to learn the local language.
  13. In case of ill health, students should attend the MAHE student health clinic at Kasturba Hospital Manipal. While undergoing elective surgical procedures, students should keep the parents informed and it is always better that one of the parent is present during the procedure.
  14. Manipal Academy of Higher Education has been declared as “NO SMOKING ZONE”. Students found indulging in smoking may be removed from the hostel and no refund of rent will be given.
  15. Any student involved in criminal offences on the campus and any indiscipline outside the campus will be handled by the concerned authorities as per the law of the land.
  16. The following are banned and severely dealt with:
    – Drugs, drinking (liquor) and smoking
    – Ragging & eve teasing
    – Cheating, stealing, provocation, coercion, threats, pressure tactics & fights
  17. In case of stressful situations students can contact the student support center through http://ssc.manipal.edu/.

The Student Support Centre (SSC) is a completely confidential service devoted to supporting the emotional well-being of students.

SSC offers therapy sessions with qualified clinical psychologists, covered by student medical insurance (Medicare).

Keeping in mind that going to large hospitals often distresses students and dissuades them from seeking help, the SSC is located in a quiet residential area that ensures privacy and accessibility.

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