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Who Am I?

October 6, 2011 Chirag 2

He was flying. It was natural to him, like how it felt to walk, or to run. A great city lay spread out under him. The glow of the many lights of the city resembled […]

Art and Literature

Shiva Trilogy: Book Review

October 1, 2011 Kanwar Singh 5

I saw someone reading what looked like a really interesting book in the clinics.  On further queries I found out that it was the first part of the series “Shiva Trilogy” by Amish.  I’ve always […]


The Unsung Heroes

September 30, 2011 Sudhir 4

Last night I received an extraordinary compliment. We had a walk- in from TAPMI. Now walk-in in our jargon means a takeaway ordered by the customer by coming personally to the restaurant. This youngster, a […]

Art and Literature

The Legend That is Atticus Finch

September 29, 2011 Adyasha 1

I  picked up a copy of  ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird ‘ at a very young and impressionable age. I remember picking it up and hesitating a little. That moment of deliberation changed my life. […]

Art and Literature

The Spell Of The Rising

September 29, 2011 Chirag 5

TROY: 23rd September 1999……23:30 HOURS It was half an hour before midnight. The Dark Lord felt elation as he stood at the most powerful magical location on the Earth. Snape stood to his right, and […]

Dusk in Tokyo
Art and Literature

Dusk – A Poem by Adyasha Ranbir

September 29, 2011 Adyasha 2

The sun gives a mighty yawn and slips down a notch, The sky loses a few bright tints as darkness does encroach. The birds after a weary trek return to their abode, They give their […]

Art and Literature

A Meeting And A Plan

September 28, 2011 Chirag 4

Harry Potter woke up with a start; he was shaking all over as beads of sweat were making their way down his face. He’d just seen an incredible vision;in which Voldemort planned to open a […]

Art and Literature

The Ritual Of Eternal Damnation

September 27, 2011 Chirag 5

The man appeared out of nowhere in the moonlit, desolate lane. After taking a moment to collect himself, he set off at a brisk pace; the lane was bordered on the left by wild, low-growing […]

Art and Literature

My Musical Journey

September 27, 2011 Sudhir 17

Bhartahari, that eminent poet of the yore, once famously described any person who has no interest in music as a cow without a tail and horns. Unfortunately my grandfather thought otherwise. He felt that anyone […]